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I would think ADN for sure. In ADN BOTH progs are trying to win every other bet. That is the perfect scenario for net betting. PERFECT net betting occurs when both progs win every other bet.

With RD1N one prog is trying to win every bet in straight runs. When it accomplishes that the other prog must LOSE EVERY BET. That means straight runs are the nemesis of RD1N. You never want straight runs to be your nemesis. They are far too common. Better to go with ADN where your nemesis is the TTs. It is much easier to correct for the TTs. For instance: switch progs under 2 in a rows so that both progs share the wealth in TT runs. They already share the wealth in straight and ZZ runs. Switching progs under 2s is the same as saying also bet straight down under 2s.

Try this: Draw out a set of 5 pairs of 2 (BB PP BB PP BB) Starting at play 2 bet a 123 prog with no mandatory 2 straight down. See both progs win nicely. Now try a 1234 prog U1D2 M2. Again, both progs win nicely.

Now draw out the other possibility, a 212121. Bet straight down. Yep, both progs win nicely again. See that! You just solved your only nemesis. You beat everything else.

Or, try betting the low side under 2s !!!

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