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In the S40 manuel 1's = 1 , 2's = 2 , 3's = 4 4's = 8 however, as I was reading in the thread

it was mentioned that 4's are count as 4pts. Which is correct when counting sap number?

Thank you ,

4s = 8 is correct. Sap charting is an excellent advantage to learn and one of the most powerful tricks in Baccarat. Eventually you'll likely want to SAP chart every shoe and OR count every shoe.

But there is a simpler way to do it with S40. All you want to know is do I go OTR after a 3, a 4, a 5, or not at all. We don't really care about 1's and 2s because we always beat them anyway (with S40).

Just look at 3s vs 4 or mores (4+s). Which is greater. If its 3s go otr after 4s and if its 4s go otr after 3s.

Once in a while both 3s and 4s are low so you can go otr after 5s if you are seeing 6 or mores.

More often you aren't seeing enough runs to risk going otr at all. In that case skip the bet altogether and wait for the run to end.

Also when 3s and 4+s are running equal, lower your otr bet.

Sometimes you are seeing very few 1's and 2s and the whole shoe is runs. In this case you are playing the wrong system but if S40 is the only system you know you can adjust to the situation by going otr after 2s. Whenever you do this stay on the run until you lose and then go to a 1 bet on opposites (regular S40)

When you go otr after 3s (after 2 losing bets its good to stay otr for 2 bets unless you find youself losing the 2nd otr bet. Then just stay otr for 1 winning bet. When you lose an otr bet go right back to opposites.

but if you are going otr after 4 or mores only stay otr ONE bet unless you are seeing excessive 6 or mores.

All of these options will become child's play with a little practice. Don't let me overwhelm you your first week.It gets easier as you go. The important thing right now is to get to understand WHY we select the option we select. Once you know WHY we do it, WHAT we do becomes a lot more obvious.

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