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Basically , F2 can beat the all pattern 1212, 2121, etc. except 2323 pattern . Is this correct assumption?

Sorry, I missed this question when my computer was down. Yes, F2 beats the 2121s and the 1212s which is really the same pattern. In fact, F2 and F3 both LOVE the 212s as well as the 313s and the 414s and all sporadic 1's patterns.

By the old rules, we lost to the 2323 pattern and you probably got that idea from old posts. But over a year ago we added a rule to F2,3 that says when you switch sides and lose the first bet on the new side, you switch right back. This rule helps F2,3 keep you on the strongest side and stops you from losing to the 2323 pattern.

But F2,3 still doesn't like mixtures of 2s and 3s because they confuse the issue of whether to play F2 or F3. We get mixed signals. Also, while F2,3 no longer loses to the 232s it still makes little headway durring these patterns. Therefore, if you are getting a lot of this in the shoe at hand, you are better off to switch to OTB4L which loves the 2323 pattern and eats it up as well as the 123s and the 222s.

A good example of this tactic was when Andrea, an excellent heads up BTC player, switched from S40 to OTB4L at a key point in the tournament because he was seeing a high number of 2s. Yes, 40 likes 2s but OTB4L likes them even more. Recognizing this fact won the tournament for Andrea.

But it is comforting to note that even if Andrea had missed this OTB4L switch, Zebra would have won the tournament and Zebra is also an accomplished BTC player. In other words BTC had that tournament sewed up virtually no matter what.

Baccarat is about playing the right system at the right time and the more you practice the better you get, forever! No, we can't win them all but we can sure come damn close.

This reminds me of my last two shoes late night, my last night at Hollywood, PA. While the OR count was plus, I was seeing a lot of 212s and 213s as well as a very strong Player side. So I went with F3 in spite of the + OR count. I was playing double greens because I was playing for both Keith and myself as Keith was too warn out to play anymore and had given me his chips. This tactic rewarded me with a +34 in the first shoe. Then the red deck started out the same way so I stuck with F3 and quit at +30, a nice way to finish ANY trip. The right system at the right time.

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