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Hi Ellis : Would you please help me to understand about betting strategies and how to apply to NOR systems. Is there one betting strategy can be used for SS 2,3 or OP 3,4 or OTB4L 4, 5 ? Or different strategy for each system ?

U1D1M2 ( up 1, down 2 and mandatory 2 ) I am not sure what is mandatory 2 . Does it mean bet 2 unit after win or loose ?

What is a connection within bet 12345 and U1D2M2 or bet 23456 and U11D2M3B2 ( what is B2 ? )

I finally grasp the concept of NOR and I do well on OR and LC, but struggle with the betting methods and really need your guide.

I enjoy your teaching very much and admire your patience for putting up with all simple questions such as above.


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Hi Kip. Yes, our base betting strategy U1D2 M2 (up 1 on a loss, down 2 on a win except don't go below 1 and M2 = mandatory 2 = You always bet 2 after 1 whether you win the 1 or not). This betting strategy can be used in all 3 NOR systems but there is much more to Betting Strategy Selection than that.

Tell you what: let me finish up on the OTB4L thread so I can transfer that thread to the NOR Manual. Then I'll do the NOR Chapter on Betting Strategy Selection.

I think we need a NOR Chapter on each of the NOR learning points I listed at the beginning of the NOR Manual. We can go back and put those chapters in the right sequence later just as I will have to do with the S40A Manual.

Recognize that both the NOR and S40A Manuals are teaching the exact same approach but from different perspectives. In the NOR Manual, I'm trying to teach from a beginner's perspective while the S40A manual is directed to the more experienced players. The idea is for students to graduate from the beginner manual to the Advanced manual.

This all makes it sound much harder than it actually is. The overall 3 sys approach is very simple once the light bulbs start turing on as to the big picture of what we are trying to do and why. My objective with the NOR Manual is to get those light bulbs to start turning on.

BTW, while the two tournament guys didn't explain it this way, they were actually playing NOR and performing all of the NOR elements you will eventually learn. So the tournament gives you a good idea of where we are headed and why, as well as the overall power of the NOR Approach as well as the power of EC (SAP)

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