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System 40 combine with LV is super

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Hi Ellis

I checked 8 tables and found one with very choppy shoe . It was in the 20th play already, I jumped in without fear, although I 'm newbies and just learned system in the last few weeks. I used prog 345 and 4 as LC. The shoe went very well , I won 3 bet most of the times . At one time it had 6 run but the "LC" really save my bank roll. Finally when I hit my goal of 20 units , I stopped playing ( Why, because you said we are not gamblers , we are there to make money . Ellis, your statement is very powerful and hit me hard, it made me realize after many years of playing card I was a gambler. From now on, I will play your statement over and over in my head whenever enter the casinos.

There are still many things to learn , but I knew 100% I am walking to the right direction with your teaching and advices. Thanks millions for giving us the tools to survive in the casinos.

BTW, the money I made last night from playing the OP3-4 shoe, was enough to cover the cost of the system S40. Thanks again .


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Change LV to LC
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