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Simple question page 2 or 3 BTW stands for what Just got manual

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AAh, not sure I understand the question or if there is a question??? You got access to the S40 manual, right?

The OR count starts at play 2. It's a running count of opposites vs. repeats. We count +1 for an opposite and -1 for a repeat. An opposite is a circle on the opposite side of the prior (previous) circle.

A Repeat, repeats the same side as the prior circle.

The OR count measures the streakiness or chopiness of a shoe. + favors S40. - favors F2,3.

The OT count that Andrea is talking about is similar but starts at play 3 and counts +1 for an OTB4L (Opposite Time Before Last) circle and -1 for a TB4L (Time Before Last) circle. The OT count measures the strength of a shoe for OTB4L system play. + favors OTB4L and - favors F2,3. Minus also favors TB4L but NOR does not need or use TB4L.

This all relates to our score card set up.

Does that answer your question if you had a question? If not, please restate your question.

BTW, you don't need to start a new thread for every question. That is what the Q & A threads are for.

BTW = By The Way. Perhaps that was your question all along as Rob figured out.

OH, I see. The whole misunderstanding is due to the lack of a ?

BTW stands for what? I just got manual.

Ha, I think I just got your question. Well at least now everybody knows how to perform an OT count.

Sorry to be so verbose (wordy).

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