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Well, with one of the forum cleaning events, it appears that the traditional "How To Post A Graphic" thread has moved into the ozone or something.

So, without further adieu, let me post up the bi-annual posting of how to get a scanned picture from YOUR computer to THIS forum!


How to post your shoe graphic.

Actually there are two basic methods to posting a graphic here in the forum.

The first one that will work, and it will work on ANY forum, is to have your photo/graphic hosted on another site so that it can be accessed from the web.

Photobucket is one of them and there are literally hundreds of photo hosting sites. All of you with HP printers have a site hosted by HP (well, duh!) and it comes free with your printer. It’s in the manual.

Others simply upload their pictures to their own web pages and link to them from there. MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, and every single ISP on the planet gives you a minimum of 5 gigabytes of “web space†for you to do anything you want with, except run a server which is beyond the scope of this message.

I personally use my Gmail account and Picasa for this type of photo hosting. It’s free, it works and the storage is huge. Picasa is Gmail’s photo editor and all around graphics hosting tool. It will also RESIZE your recently scanned pictures/graphics into the correct size for posting in the group here.

OK, so most of you will not take the time to scan, upload, link and then post a graphic. The first few times you try it, you will mess it up, and then you’ll just quit on it. But if you can get over the initial learning curve, it works quite well and there are some sites that will ONLY accept graphics this way.

Now, on to the relatively easy way here on BeatTheCasino.

We are lucky because the forum server here will allow you to upload your graphic right to the local server and keep it here! Such a deal. No need to have an external link and all of that. That’s the good news. There is a small fly in the ointment, so to speak. To make this work, and not lose your sanity in the process, you should probably follow this in the correct order. It took me several tries to get it right but it’s a piece of cake now. We’ve even got a “practice graphics†section in the public baccarat area that you can test in and you can post and delete to your heart’s content (or have me delete it, whatever). If you're posting up data that you'd not like to have public, make a thread here in the Private area and practice there. For most people the hardest part of this is to figure out where on THEIR computer the actual picture is! Find out or put/save it somewhere that you will remember. C:\Photos or something similar is hard to forget when looking for pictures on YOUR computer.

Step One…

Go to the main forum page here and at the top, click on “My Profileâ€.

This should bring YOU up and on the left hand side there is a link marked “ALBUMSâ€.

Click on “Make New Albumâ€. If you already have an album, just click on it.

Click on “Upload Picturesâ€. Another window will open.

In the upper right hand side of that window it will say “Add Filesâ€. Click on it.

Amazingly another box will open and at the bottom of it, it says “Select Filesâ€. Click on it.

Still another window will open, but this time it’s the one looking at YOUR computer. If you know where your pictures are (remember when I told you to know where they are on your computer), then select over to that area and click on the picture or scanned graphic you want to upload.

Once you’ve selected it, it will show up in the second small box with its name and file size. Click on “Upload Files†(at the bottom of that box).

Here’s where the forum software kind of wigs out, but we’ve got it under control.

The picture has now showed up in the “File Upload Manger†but it is ALSO on a screen BEHIND that window and if you’ll click anywhere on that window behind you see that it says “Pending Pictureâ€.

This is the key spot where your picture actually gets saved and listed in YOUR album area. If the picture is where you want it, and it will be if you have only one album, then click on “Save Changes†and it will be there for future use as in posting it to any message you feel like at any time.

Now although this explanation took 20 minutes to compose, the actual uploading and saving takes about 30 seconds. Once you’ve done it a few times in practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

OK, we’ve got our pictures uploaded but how do I get them into a message???

For our test postings, we’ll walk through it like this…..

Click on Baccarat from the main forum.

Scroll on down and find the thread titled “Test Post for Graphics†by MVSeahog.

Click on “Reply to Threadâ€

In the message box, type in something clever like “This is a Test Graphicâ€.

Now, look just above that. The little letter, the Bold, Italic, etc. Don’t use those.

Look at the lower right corner and click “Go Advancedâ€

One of the icons on the top line is a picture of a paperclip. Take your cursor and replace it back into the message box just under where you were typing. This is so when you actually put the picture in, it shows up at the bottom, UNDER your typing.

Click on the paperclip icon marked “Attachmentsâ€.

You should see all of your pictures. Select the one you want to insert into your message by clicking the open box in the lower corner of the picture. Then slowly drag the picture down into the attachments box and select it again while it’s in the box.

Now, just click on “Insert Inline†and it will appear in your message wherever your cursor happens to be. It will look like this {ATTACH]1689[/ATTACH} which is the software’s code for YOUR picture.

Click on “Preview Post†to see what it will actually look like when you send it.

If you’re happy with it, click on “Submit Replyâ€. If not, just start editing the message like any other one.

In conclusion. (And it's about time).

Although this little tutorial seems like a ton of things to do and remember, it really isn’t. I’ve tried to be as verbose as possible to hopefully stave off any errors or questions for those of you who want to try to post something up in the future.

The reality of it is you can post a graphic here in less than a minute once you’ve done it a few times.

If you really can't get it to work or you're crashing into some kind of major crisis along the way, give me a Skype call (AirCav is my Skype name) and we'll walk you through it a few times and it'll make sense from there.


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