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I've had a few members ask me if I would take a deep dive into this system and see how viable it would be in the long run, so this will begin a 100 shoe test to see how it fares across hand picked shoes from different types of situations from extreme OT to T, heavy +CS to -CS counts etc. Here are the results of the first 25 hand picked shoes. This is for informational purposes only and to provide information to those who are interested in seeing how well this will fare across a series of shoes.

Rules are the same as posted by Andrea with no variations except for when you switch to AD you play as if it was a new shoe (starting with repeats until you lose one) as well when you switch you wait for 1 paper win before proceeding with a real bet.


Across 25 Shoes

W/ No money management

8.20 Units average per shoe

Total profit of 205 Units

88% Shoe win rate

W/ 15 unit stop win 10-12 unit stop loss

7.28 Units average per shoe

182 units total profit

88% Shoe win rate

W/ 8 unit stop win 10-12 unit stop loss

5.84 Units average per shoe

146 unit total profit

92% Shoe win rate

Looks good so far, those who're looking for results stay tuned to this thread as I will post in groups of 25

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Hi Kiddo,

This looks very interesting! A question I have is why are the shoes hand picked rather than just whatever shoes come along? It seems like it would be more viable as an alternative if the shoes weren't handpicked and just whatever shoes came up next. Of course, I may not understand the reasoning behind it so please forgive me if my ignorance is showing. :o)

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hand picked to include different types of situations where extreme counts reverse, where there are no consistencies, the types of shoes people usually lose on where a system will hit -20 or a system will hit +20. I no longer spend anymore time in a casino then I have to where I just record shoes, when testing a system I test it against these 25 shoes and if it fails, then in my eyes its not worth my time to continue the current testing. Each shoe displays a typical situation you would encounter some examples,

a very high OT count to a very low OT count w/ no consistent LC

an OT count hovering zero w/ no consistent LC

same as the above 2 but with consistent LCs

Strong SAP 40 shoe

Weak SAP 40 shoe

Strong matrix shoe

Weak matrix shoe

Strong F2 shoe

Weak F2 shoe

Strong RD1 shoe

Weak RD1 shoe

Multi trend shoes w/ no consistency in sap chart

multi trend shoes w/ consistencies in sap chart

extreme +/- cs count shoe


These are examples of hand picked shoes that cover a variety of situations that you wouldn't normally see in live play in 25 shoes you would see these more along the lines of 100 or 200 shoes.

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