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sys 40 Otr mode

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Hi Ellis need your help. I know how to play Sys 40 but i do not know what to do with the OTR part.

Ha, now there's a contradiction in terms!

When do you go Otr till you lose 1?

WHen do you bet 1 Otr then go back to opps?

When do you bet 2 Otr then go back to opps?



OK, first, you need some more study of the thread The NOR Approach.

There is no case where you go OTR until you lose, EXCEPT when the shoe is EXTREME Streak - so streaky with long straight runs that there is no point of getting off runs until you lose. But that is very rare these days.

But your question tells me that OTR needs its own instruction in the final manual which I am working on diligently.

OTR keys off of which Mode you are in.

Mode 2 goes OTR after TWO losing normal bets in a row and as a general rule STAYS OTR for 2 bets. But if your second OTR bet loses, next time only stay OTR for 1 bet.

Mode 3 goes OTR after THREE losing bets and always stays OTR for only ONE bet win or lose.

When you come off a run you go right back to the side the system you are playing normally bets and you go back to your base bet - usually one unit unless you have upgraded your prog to the 234 or 345.

Now lets talk about the SIZE of your OTR bet. If it is your first OTR bet that shoe and you have no shoe history to go on it is best to make your OTR bet a 1 unit bet. But if it loses, next time you go OTR you bet 2 units and so forth (Basic S 40).

But if your OTR bets have been winning you make the bet due in your prog which is a 3 bet in Mode 2 and a 4 bet in Mode 3. But we NEVER make a 4 bet unless it would have won last time. That is why we end up with so few 4 bets. Note that in the 6 shoes recorded at the last seminar I only had ONE 4 bet in 6 shoes and NO 5 bets at all.

Whenever you lose ANY OTR bet, you go right back to the system you were playing with a 1 bet. You DO NOT risk making the next bet in turn like we did with U1D2 M2. With NOR we do not have to take those kinds of risks to make our 10 units. That is the advantage of NOR.

Playing exactly that way I had no trouble making my 10 units in all of the 6 recorded shoes except the last shoe. In the 5th shoe we were at +9 when the last hand of the shoe came up. As soon as the dealer announced it was the last hand I pulled our 1 bets back. (Mine and Dave's) Why? Because if we lost, there was no way to recover. As it turned out, we would have lost. To Dave, that seemed magical! But in reality it was just good common sense.

The 6th shoe we had to quit at +5 because we had a group dinner reservation - something, BTW, you should NEVER do while playing. You never know when you'll end up in the middle of a hot game.

Keep this post handy when practicing so you can refer to it. OTR is actually a lot simpler than it sounds and just plain common sense.

Keep in mind that NOR always lets the shoe tell you what to do. EVERYTHING is determined by shoe history.

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