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别傻了。你真以为他们会教你怎么赢?面对现实吧。如果这种玩法真有效果,那么各个赌场的百家乐获利金额比例就不会从90年代的3% 上升到今天的26%吧?这么多年来,这个将近900%的获利增长跟百家乐这个有戏玩法的改变没有一点关系。




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The paragraph is kind of introduction for NOR but it's a bit difficult for beginners to understand it. I think lack of marketing effect to attract people into NOR.

Of course I have no idea what was said and now vin I don't know whether you are saying it lacks marketing appeal or it has too much marketing.

I'm guessing you guys are looking for a balanced sales pitch to attract Chinese speaking people so you guys can collect commissions BUT it must be a sales pitch geared to beginners yet also attractive to seasoned players. One problem here is that in my eyes seasoned players are still only beginners.

Well I'm not much good at the marketing end of things but I have access to people who are. But I am good at the technical end of things. And I see the fact clearly that if you make money, so do I.

Why don't we do this: First, let me get the seminar out of the way. Then we can work together to compose the perfect sales letter.


We have the best technical people.

We have access to the best marketing people.

Now, we also have great Chinese linguists.

And now, experts on Chinese culture - what Chinese people want to hear - what blows their skirts up. Plus, what they don't want to hear. What they've heard too much of already.

It seems to me we have the collection of talent needed to put together the perfect Chinese sales letter. Yet, a factual sales letter. We have a solid product that does not need even a hint of exaggeration.

Look, I've been working in the English speaking market only. The Chinese speaking Baccarat market is 100 times bigger. Ha, but I can't speak Chinese. You guys can BUT you don't know what to say.

It seems to me that we have a situation on our hands. A money making situation that nobody has yet cracked.

Yes, I've seen some very good Chinese Marketing attempts. BUT they had no product to sell. We do!

Don't you think we have the combined talent AND the product to crack this market? For the first time? For once and for all.

Hell yes! I would put all my effort into such a project. There is money enough in it for everyone. So, what do you think. AFTER the seminar, shouldn't we tackle this project together?

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Perhaps you can do a better chinese version of introduction. I read it and feel that this is just a translation of what Ellis said in English hahahah. What people wanna know is how NOR can be applied at the tables. The power of the overlapping system etc. If you can verse it in Mandarin, that will be great!

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