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NOR .. If You're still thinking....

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Was doing some Xmas shopping today and stopped by the casino to test the NOR system out. I purchased NOR Baccarat just over 2 weeks ago and studied over and managed to get great feedback and help from Ellis and others in the NOR forum to get on the fast rack way of learning how to play.

I must admit that I'm still learning the fine points of NOR but was confident enough to put it to the test.

I was pressed for time but still ventured to the casino, all tables were occupied and in mid shoe. I walked up to one table and immediately identified exactly what method of NOR to use and saw that it was ripe to strike.

Bought in for 20 units at hand 43 and left at hand 63 with + 8 units in less than 25 mins of play. All this with a quick 55% PA !!

Was winning and losing first few hands and the won 8 consecutive plays and looked like a star. The Asians started to follow me as I notice after I placed my next bet. I left the table looking like a Hit n Run player And gerously tipped the dealers 5% of my winnings seeing that I play at tables not taking commission for banker wins.

If you're still thinking about buying NOR..... Stop thinking and just buy it!.

......and if you don't, you won't be getting any sympathy from me for having to suffer those lonely drives home with empty pockets from yet another losing night at the casino.

This report is sincere and REAL and not influenced by BTC


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