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    Programming excel for use of baccarat testing, I have programmed countless systems over the years and have worked with Ellis a few years ago in development of a previous systems
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  1. It's nice to see an interesting View on something that is .. well.. Just right in front of us yet not all players recognize this as valuable data to take advantage of. Great Video, Thanks Keith and CanadaBacc
  2. I agree with Oz on conservative Bankroll equation. I personally have 50 to a hundred units as my backing bankroll and have no need to visit an ATM for my cash to go to the casino. Have a sound system along with large bankroll and discipline and proper money management is key to survival in a risky environment, .... The casino. CC
  3. Hi Ellis, as signing up a new member(s), I'm still waiting for a reply of a pm I sent you and Keith one week ago.... Regarding issues and question about MDB... Do you not want my money? Seriously, I'm trying to be nice here, Neither you or Keith have replied... Look forward to hearing from you. CC
  4. I've seen situation where flat betting. Believe or not ... Outperformed a progression as a prog digs deeper and on U1D2 can happen whereas U1D1 may be different and can all depend on what step of the progg you are at. Even a progg can lose when you have more wins than losses. It's the successive losses that bury you. CC
  5. C'mon... It's not nearly this difficult when using a rock solid system like 4D. Met betting is only required when you encounter successive a losses using other system where NOR has trouble. Like I said this was low -1. And high of +9 flat betting. Fantastic ratio CC
  6. From my information about niagara is they are pre-shuffled shoes and 4D would be +5 at hand 16 using 2hi betting, and if you flat bet for a target of +3, you'd be out at hand 14 If you had played longer, flat betting hit a +9 units at hand 72 and low of -1. If you used U1D2, +25 but I don't care about high numbers, I like +5 for million $ plan. CC
  7. Sorry to rain on your parade, but you are dead wrong. I don't mean this in a negative way of speaking, but you are not correct. I've offered plenty of hints and people need to really put on their thinking caps and allow their minds to be creative and perceive events differently than a logical view. I did say that 9 out of those 10 shoes played had won, but on the one that lost -3 units.... My head wasn't handed to me. That's the power of the 4D, it curve fits to the shoe an survives with minimal damage. Don't give up. CC
  8. Fatherfred is correct on a sentence in his statement, 4D actually identifies when to start, but not before hand 7. It "curve fits" the shoe with imbalance at tines and manages to balance out naturally to give you +5 or +6, and then you're out. For Those Flat bettors out there, your target is +3. Don't give up on the 4D, just look at it again. And again, and again... Hold your score card further away from your eyes and use your beautiful mind. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you should.... It will change your visionary insight to things. CC
  9. Quite the contrary, it's actually simpler than playing NOR, and casino speed is not an issue. And "no", I am not in any position to take on the responsible leadership of the 4D thread, my life is busy enough without it. I personally don't want the casinos to know what I am doing and once it's exposed completely of the forum, it could be game over. I believe all the members have been overwhelmed by all the numbers they see in front of them just as I was once before, but I managed to see past all that. Why is it more simple than NOR? .... Because... Here's a hint.... Not all columns are required to record and expose pre-shuffled card bias. This is one reason why casino speed is not an issue. I will not lay it out for the members, but yet those who are able to figure out are the smart cookies on the forum and they will understand why it should be kept a secret. The game will change yet again if exposed. I have a contact in Macau who has offered me $50K along with a confidentiality agreement for this knowledge and I have thought about but yet, not agreed to it as of yet. I can make far greater than that using it myself. You can never know 100% who you are dealing with thesis days! he could be working for the casino for all that anyone knows. Any fool would jump on it for $50K, but like I said... Potential "Game Over" once exposed. My best advice for all... Just think outside of the box, and experiment. If you choose to play with the theory of your own research, you are responsible for your own profits and losses. I know that Ellis understands this more than anyone here. CC
  10. Thank goodness Tom Hanks had His buddy to rely on.... W - I - L - S - O - N !!! CC
  11. Hey Ellis, for most of what you say, I agree, as for bias on per shuffled cards, there is no bias if took at it while wearing your NOR approach hat, hands down .. Uh uh... Go to jail, do not collect $200, etc,,,etc.. But on the sane shoe using 4D, it exposes the hidden bias that you don't see with NOR. And then... You can exploit it as I do. I've seen 4D when used properly, pull even as high as +39 units!!! on pre-shuffled shoes using a 2Hi bet system, but that's not where I leave, I'm long gone before that. I most often see shoes played out with 4D 2hi bet system do between +11 to +22 but before everyone gets excited, like NOR, you won't see it in every shoe... Just most often. I played 10 shoes yesterday with pre-shuffled cards and won all but one.... My ending score for the tough shoe was -3 units... Not too shabby +45 units for all shoes played, as result of winning +6 on 3 occasions instead of +5. And on one of the shoes, had I stayed longer... Would have produced 12 wins iar from the point that 4D tells you when to start playing. Instead, I was out in 3 hands for +5 target with 2hi bet system. THANK YOU VERY MUCH I TELL THE PITT BOSSES, I come back later the finish recording the balance of the shoe. Now.... Having said that.... If you looked at that shoe from a NOR perspective, there is no way in hell that you would pull off 12 wins iar.. NEVER! It sad to see that you abandoned the 4D method and recognized the power it has against pre-shuffled cards. I find it hard to believe that a man of your stature and knowledge would give up on the 4D system. It is extremely powerful. If we are able to meet in Macau in November, and you have not figured out the 4D method yet... In effort to save time, I can punch any shoe into my excel spreadsheet and prove it works and you can compare how NOR would do .... Without table selection. 4D exposes imbalanced bias in pre-shuffled cards. And I didn't need a hi IQ to see it. Keep up the great work Ellis. 4D lives on. CC
  12. Well said Gman7, his posting was entirely inaccurate as he claims that I said; I'm the best baccarat player in the world???? I never said that. Among other statements he claims that I am? They are totally untrue, He has no clue who I am and my intellectual level of baccarat play. Ii don't think he really takes time to clearly read the postings I made; to see the real message. I never targeted him directly in my later posting about having an axe to grind.... but yet he doesn't see that? I was actually ironing things out and restore unity between members on the forum. Some members actually acknowledged that. But obviously he didn't. All the claims he made against me are totally based on his own interpretation without facts, PERIOD. We are all entitled to freedom of speech, I get that. I'm sure there are plenty enough psychiatrists in USA. 4D lives on. CC
  13. Hey, nothing against tjfiles or anyone else.... BigVic.... I couldn't have said it any better... Keep up with the great postings 4D lives on, CC
  14. Give It up will ya? Whatever...... I'm a professional 4D BAC player and you want keep rambling on, I thought I put this to rest on my last posting but no, looks like you still have an axe to grind. My last post was not targeted at you on a negative way. Just facts, and if you are in able to handle them with maturity, I'm sorry, but I can't help you and no one on the forum will either. Like Sgt. Hulka said in the movie "Stripes".... "Lighten up Francis" CC
  15. Thanks moneybac, but it still looks as tho' RUEBEL still has an axe to grind with his prejudice remarks about the Canadian members of the forum. And... Just for the record... We Canadians "Do pay" for our medical but it is true that it is at a fractional cost of what most Americans pay. Our medical is paid via taxes and reasonable premiums paid by all. The only exception is that those who are on welfare are given a free ride. The quality of our medical is extremely good, but the downside is the wait time for certain treatments as a result of waiting lists. I have an American friend that pays over $1000/month for his medical coverage whereas my personal medical coverage in Canada is $64/month. A far cry from what he pays. I even have extended medical that costs me approx $100/month. As our regular medical coverage does not include all medical expenses. And RUEBEL wants to speak about credibility?, perhaps he should get his facts straight before opening his mouth with incorrect information. FACT: the Hoover dam was completed under budget and ahead of schedule as the result of being lead by a Canadian who was paid a $300,000 bonus at the time. I would bet that most Americans don't realize how often our two nations help each other out so often. We are great nations side by side together and I know that Americans are proud of their country and who they are, and I am too... Proud to be a Canadian and not even RUEBEL can take that away from me. 4D is only as complicated as you make it, actually it's very simple and I have plenty of time to write my card as per while in live-play. Please people, think outside of the box and you too can find a path to beating pre-shuffled cards. FACT: pre-shuffled cards do have a bias, the difference is that it is of a shorter duration than what you see with regular cards. For most, it looks as tho there is no bias at all, but 4D will prove that wrong because 4D exposes the bias whereas NOR won't. I use the 4D method day-in day-out, and accumulate 5 or 6 units on a regular basis. I have also tested so many shoes from the forum that members have trouble with and 4D beats them all. aLL! Pre-shuffled shoes are different, but are manageable and I plan to play my method on my trip to Macau in November with confidence. 4D Lives on. CC
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