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Why so many topics are old?We would like to make friends here and enjoy our happiness.

What we need to do is attracting more and more people to join this family.

Let's take action:wink:

Perhaps because we do not pay enough attention to this, the public forum. All the action is in the private Baccarat forum and particularly the NOR forum. There, the focus is on how to win at Baccarat.

But what topics would you like to discuss here?

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Anything interesting!Recently I am in bad luck.I just want to find some happiness!

Well OK, we've all been there at one time or another so we know how you feel.

So let's analyze it:

First, there is no such thing as luck. Coincidence or happenstance perhaps but not luck.

So you can't blame your poor fortune on luck. The first step to recovery is to blame it on yourself. Sorry, but that is where the blame belongs.

Either you played the wrong shoes or you didn't know how to play the shoes you selected. But probably both.

Look, there are only 3 types of shoes, Choppy, Streaky and Neutral (Neither choppy nor streaky - sort of down the middle.)

You will usually get some chop in your Streaky shoes and some runs in your Choppy shoes and some of both in your Neutral shoes.

So we are talking about what is your shoe MOSTLY doing.

To play this game you MUST be able to identify which shoe type you are playing. That is easy to learn.

Because you can't play all 3 types the same way. You will lose long run.

You MUST know how to play each type.

And you must know the BEST way to play each type.

But first you must know how to find and identify the shoes you can beat and play only those. There are plenty of them.

Once you look at the game from this perspective it becomes a lot easier to beat on a daily basis.

We can teach you everything you need to know to do this.

But YOU must put in the time to study and practice. If you do this, you will soon be a winner. If you don't you will always be a loser just like everyone else. You need to learn NOR. It is far and away the best way to play as many here have already discovered. Ask them.

How much does it cost? About the same amount you lose every day you play.

So cheer up. There IS something you can do for yourself. And you will always be glad you did.


Any Questions?

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Thanks for your tips!We shouldn't blame the situation.We must find the reason from ourself!I can't agree more!If I was more carful,I wouldn't lose my wallet!If I worked hard,My job will be better and better!I know what I should care now.


Ellis,Thank you


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alyssaly, ours is a very happy group. Winning trip reports are posted daily. No arguments, no fights, just serious Baccarat instruction and discussion both on line and in person. But you can't teach yourself. You must have a qualified instuctor.

Most everyone here searched and searched until they found the most qualified instructor. And here they stay. You need to join our private Baccarat forum, meet these people, and learn how to win from people who know how to win. You need to learn NOR and it isn't taught anywhere else. NOR is the only way this game can be beat consistently. Everyone here will tell you that.

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