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Shoe Analysis and Feedback

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Well, I'll take the first one and maybe somebody else.....

Ok, this shoe starts right out decidedly OTB4L Mode 2.

We don't count the first play as a 1 because we don't know the play before it. That leaves you with a shoe starting with single 1's, 2s, and 3s. the 3 favorites of OTB4L. Also, the ZZ and straight runs once started, tended to go. No 4 in a rows and no double 1's = Mode 2. Perfect OTB4L. The only way I see you could have done any better was to start sooner. When a shoe starts this good, jump in! Don't wait around to see if it goes bad. You want to get in and out before that. You also want to get to your full progs ASAP in a shoe this good. This is the time to be a little courageous. Make your money when the making is good! Exploit!

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Hi Ellis,

Thanks for your advice! Seems like I chose the wrong system F instead. Because I based it on OR count when I decided to enter the shoe.

Also, what do you mean by full prog?


The commission method makes no difference.

By full prog I mean this. When we first start we usually make our 3rd bets 1 unit as you did until the 3rd hits, confirming Mode. The sooner we start the sooner we get thru the 1 unit 3rd bets the sooner we get to our full 123 4 prog the sooner we get to the 234 the sooner we get to the 345 in a good shoe.

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Very nicely done for your first time playing NOR! Congrats!

For the first shoe the last bet you should place OTR on player and won instead. The modes change is still a headache for many of us.

Why would it be player instead? I switched to OTB4L after play 22.

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