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Yo, another winning Blackjack Strategy

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Hi, bro, here I got another Blackjack Winning Strategy to share with you.

I am perhaps the world's most successful BJ player. Who else has played AC full time for 3 years W/O a losing day. Certainly not Kenny Uston who I played with frequently. I know every BJ strategy there is and I can tell you for a fact that the only winning strategies are availabe right here and no place else. BTW, I have never met or even ever heard of a winning card counter. (except in the movies) None of the card counting sites can produce even a single bottom line winner. If you want to win at BJ, get youself a O Prox or an NBJ manual right here. Or Both! Otherwise you are chasing a pipe dream. End of story.

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What is the reason that the admin is removing the URL???


It's because this is a private forum doing business in the gambling industry.

It's also to keep the Paki spammers from running amok anywhere they can get a foothold in to post messages with little or no interest to the overall group.

If you really need that link, email the original poster and I'm sure he'll get back to you with it.

Pretty simple solution, eh?


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