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Comments on "Ellis plays NOR Baccarat" (On YouTube).

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While on my flight trip to Las Vegas, I watched on my computer a YouTube video "Ellis plays NOR Baccarat".

You can view the game on the Internet at:

A student read Ellis hand by hand a game which took place on June 4, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi, MS.

The Game started with two players followed by two bankers. The O/R count for the first four hands was at -1. Also based on the four hands you could easily classify the beginning of the game as Two’s. Meaning that system S40 which is designed for choppy shoes will not be qualified for now. Therefore, if you studied the F2, F3 and OTB4L you could easily assigned those systems to the game. Above and beyond, the best system qualified for this type of shoe is an old system called OTB4L. Why? Because OTB4L favorite is two’s!

During the demonstrated game Ellis has been disrupted by one or two of his students leading to several error in the game, which I’ll not comment in this post.

In the majority of the time Ellis goals & objective in a Baccarat game is to reach +10 units.

I attached a snapshot picture from the Video where I point out an error made in the calculation of the score. Ellis assumed that he reached is goal (+10) but the +10 has been reached at the next hand.

Reaching the +10 unit could off taken place much earlier in the game, but as I stated one or two students kept confusing Ellis and themselves as to which side the next bet should be taking place. In another words the “carrots were telling the Gardner how to plant the seedsâ€.

I attached the chart with the proper score.

Thank you Ellis for helping us out there to improve our game using an approach called NOR.

John (New York City).


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