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I’m back from a Las Vegas trip - applying my signaling system with NOR

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I’m back from a Las Vegas trip with substantial winning units at the Baccarat games. About half of the winnings I gave back playing other gambling games. I drew a conclusion that Baccarat should be my only game at the Casinos.

I basically took the NOR approach to its next level by extending its approach using signaling flow marked on a score card as each hand is dealt out/played. It basically will “alert†the player to stay or play the next upcoming hand. You must practice and be able to record both the NOR and the signaling method. It requires hours of practice. You can't marked mistakes on the score cards...

As we all know with the NOR approach HE/SHE must play every hand. In times losses are taking place leading us to navigate in the majority of the time to an approach called OTR (On The Run) using light progression of 1,2 or 1,2,3. It's all relative to your bankroll along with your Stop/Loss (Most of the time -8 should be OK) and Take/profit goals (+10 to +15 depending on how the shoe runs).

Not sure how some of the visitors/members on this website got my email address. I’m flooded with emails requesting to share the NOR and along with my signaling system.

Here is my response:

First of all the NOR system is copyrighted and I don’t have a way to confirm that it has been legally purchased by a player.

Secondly and I’m not trying to be rude, my signaling approach along with NOR is at its early development stages and requires more work. However, it did great during the games in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Above and beyond, I’ll not shift away players from the original approach called NOR.

John (New York City)

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Hi John,

First, I apologize for my absence lately but I'm undergoing a lot of medical tests in an attempt to figure out why I seem to be getting more and more crippled on a daily basis.

Right John, Bac offers the closest odds in the casino at 0 actual game odds, then a 1.250% commission.

BJ odds are good but only if you are an expert highly trained player. The continued teaching of Card Counting in BJ is a pure scam since the casinos wiped out any advantage card counting ever had 30 years ago when they came up with multiple decks and the cut off card. Card counting hasn't produced a single winner since then.

Craps has close game odds but no one has come up with a consistent way to beat them.

John, any member can Email you through our PM system W/O ever learning your Email address which we keep private. End of mystery.

Thanks for the recap of your latest adventures.

One NOR point you seem to be missing is that no NOR rule says you must play every hand.

For instance you may elect to make no OTR bets and simply wait for runs to end. Sometimes this works out best in highly biased shoes whether they be biased toward streak, chop or Neutral shoes. This applies to all 3 NOR systems.

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