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NOR wknd trip report 8/13/12 - "trapping" OBL games (report only, no shoes attached)

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Hi, Ellis, BTC members,

Well, a quick NOR trip report - quick because it happened fiinally to my playing NOR.

As you recall, I don't play every hand of NOR - I try to select strongly biased NOR shoe types, and then begin play after several winning 1st or 2nd bets (virtual).

This wknd, I played one day where I sat thru many weak shoes, but played in several F/SS shoes. I was able to lock up at least +20 units in day 1.

However, day 2 disaster day came up. The sessions started with an abundance of OBL shoe types. However, these shoes were really what I call "trapping shoes". The modes kept changing frequently between modes 2, 3 - for BOTH repeats and also ZZZ modes. I tried to follow along and suffered some small bet losses. Then I tried to focus on mode 2 - and played progression on OTR. Again, no luck.

After sitting, waiting, and trying to select key setups, I still ended the day 2 shoes at a horrible -20u loss. Now this amounts to giving back the day 1 profits - plus more (like my time, energy, mental capital, etc).

However, in debriefing myself, I noted that I made several losing bets (at least 5 bad bets) that were outside of NOR OBL criteria. Probably because of frustrations, desperation, impatience, plus whatever other gremlins were leaning on me! In any case, ughhhhh!!! Self sabotage happened. Poor situational awareness of my own conditions and poor table conditions!

In hindsight, it was still a losing day - but losses would have been more at -11 or -12 units without self sabotage.

Perhaps also was the internal stress to fight back and "not give up the previous day's profits" mentality. But - it is impossible to fight bad luck by throwing more $$$ into the equation!

Unfortunately I do not have the shoes to post - I had left the shoes on the table - and went to dinner. Then found out one of the table supervisors had thrown it all out - thinking I did not need/want the shoes anymore. I wish I could also "throw out" day 2's results and my own sub-par performance! :>)

In closing, lessons learned:

1. Playing 2nd liners in super difficult OBL days would have been okay - not great - but still winning per day. O/R was negative, 1s low. Could have played progression but only on 2nd line bets.

2. I failed to follow my intuition and dropped situational awareness on day 2.

3. Key factor: I lost a couple of 3-bets early (only using 111 progression initially) - on OBL shoes with changing modes. This was a signal to exit the table or the casino for that day! Trapping shoe types = take a break, perhaps try next shift???

4. There is an extremely fine and fragile line when impatience and disbelief and desperation can sneak into my game!

5. I must continue to monitor my intuition, energy level ,patience level, my 3 bets results, etc. to maintain peak situational awareness and adjust accordingly.


Lesson 6 learned! Probably will continue to revisit - and relearn Lesson 6 more times yet! :>) Human nature.

I wish I could have performed better and given you a winning trip report. But, please - do not fall into the same quicksand of errors like I did on day 2 this wknd! I will continue to post more trip reports and details. Thank you.



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There is one decision only you have and the dealer doesn't. Some days your best decision is not to play. Yeah, yeah, I know hind sight and all that. But sometimes hind sight gives you foresight!

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