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  1. Hi Ellis, Nice to hear again on PJ, perhaps PJ can post shoes he won at Tunica in the NOR+ thread. It would be very helpful for us! Esp ahead of the upcoming April seminar! We need to have many shoes posted and reviewed using NOR+ so players can get a good feel for bankroll ups, downs, using U1D2. And really nail down Mode 1 vs Mode 3 switches off the 2nd bet results. Great job, PJ! Pls share shoes, bets, when u hv time to post! Thx. Regards, Daytrader77459
  2. Hi, PurpleInk, RD is about playing so-called "rain drops" type shoes where Repeats dominate over Opposites. The O/R count is heavily negative, and may flux for 3-4 points against - but then returns back to more negative again. Also, 1s are much lower than average, and the best RD shoes have 4s and 4+s being Most Common or at least high above average. RD1 is analogous to playing only Repeats - but with Mode 3 (winning 3rd bet). RD1 has one Singlet between Streaks of Repeats (or 3 ZZ - like PPPP B PPP). After the PPPP B P - attack for 2nd P. RD2 is similar but now there are two Singlets - PP
  3. Hi Way2fast, Great - I know other BTC members and NOR students will really appreciate your tons of real cash game experience with NOR! Look fwd c u there! Way2Fast - last 3 days I played total of 9 shoes (really only 1/3 shoes) at you know where - our 2 favorite properties. Went 8 winning shoes, 1 break-even shoe - hit +45 units. Max bet 3u ever. One shoe was break-even. Had 8 shoes that hit +6 u per shoe. Three shoes gave back one loss each as I tried to see if NOR momentum would continue or not - so had 3 shoes +5 (total 15u) and 5 shoes at +6 (total 30u) = grand total of +45 units! I f
  4. Hi Ellis, Keith, I have spoken to some, and u know people wait to last days, or just show up and pay at door. I will be there, and will try to ask my BTC playing colleagues to attend also. Key point: for baccarat players, the explanations for NOR+, M1 vs M3, and coupled w U1D2 betting, my own live games have shown it works well! Any serious gamer should not.miss in depth talks on M3! Look fwd c fellow BTC players there at the NOR+ workshop! Regards, Daytrader77459
  5. Hi, Oz1, One more point about how I use NOR - I simply do not play OBL well at all. My rate of winning shoes in OBL "weather" is not very good. So, all my metrics and confluence triggers are focused to identify momentum trends in S40 and F2/F3 (or TBL or RD1/RD2) biases. I am certain Ellis and Keith and others can identify and play OBL much more strongly than I can. For example, I know that Way2Fast is a very strong OBL player as he is able to play sequential bets! This is necessary to win in OBL shoe games. Given this perspective, I have worked the metrics to filter out as much neutral a
  6. Hi, Oz1, I looked over the shoe you provided below. Your question of OBL vs changing over to a Streak (either F2/F3 or RD1/RD2) approach is a very good question and indicates that you are really studying NOR in detail. For many NOR players, the weakest areas (plenty of room to improve) include: 1. The desire or feeling or need - to actually be betting into the shoe all the time - every hand and GUESSING the correct NOR strategy. Better instead - let the shoe play out its O/R counts and SAP events slowly and at the SHOE'S pace (not at the player's expected pace). Look for specific O/R trigge
  7. Hi, Oz1, Good ideas for playing a tight game format. Using NOR and the 112 or 123 or U1D2 schedules can often turn even weak shoes into mild winning shoes at the very least! Those horrible (-8) losing shoes are rare if using NOR with a clear thinking process. Also, very good idea to protect your stop loss points - so you can fire off at least two sets of 3 bets before hitting (-8). That is why I prefer 112 to start until I am at least +3 or better. And I look to exit asap at +5 after 2 losses on winning shoes. Daytrader77459
  8. Hi, Ellis, Great details and analysis! This shoe came off last week in one of the major Strip properties! And, I also in fact played out of S40 into a TBL format in light of the 2 LC count. Often, especially with LC 2, I find it just much more straight forward to deal with TBL instead of F2/F3. Either one, the O/R count and range and direction is less important than "just following the ZZ and streak runs" that Ellis described well. Thank you. Daytrader77459
  9. Keith, Way2fast, Great job on plays and details of decision-making biases! As Way2fast stated - playing thru recorded shoe history is full of hindsight bias traps! Much better training wise to have a NOR player call or type out shoes 1 decision at a time - like thru GotoMeeting or Google Chat or etc. Then we would not have "seen" the shoe type history - and really have to think thru and bias our decisions off the O/R, the SAPs, etc. More realistic and more challenging - all leading to improved NOR/NOR+/SAP gaming skills. Regards, Daytrader77459
  10. Hi, BTC members, I just wanted to post an "easy" shoe - but would like to see how the experienced NOR players would handle the 4 iar pattern in an S40 shoe game. Take a look at this shoe: P1111111133141 P21131242121 P411113111321 P1542 How best to play this shoe? Obviously started off w S40 - but use NOR+? Or use 123 4? Or straight to U1D2 or U1D1? How best to handle to 3-4 or more consec losers in real-time cash games? Also how best to handle the chgs in modes from M3? This shoe also when played early can be played as a TBL shoe type. But sticking with S40 - would you consider chg to any
  11. Hi, K1, Very good - look fwd to some collaboration and play w u. Once u have studied NBJ, I'd suggest u focus towards WCB as it is a much easier tactical BJ game to implement and more consistent. As Ellis, Keith, Aegis21, have all indicated - team BJ play is very possible and benefits from clumping (if shoes identified as such). However, team BJ plus a table full of NBJ/WCB players as 1 team (with some sacrifice hands) is a very strong way to go. Rt now I play solo - BP in spot 1, SPs in spot 2 and spot 3. I play WCB in the BP spot 1 position. I try to play sacrifice hds in spot 2, 3 - but
  12. Ellis, Keith, BTC members, BTW - the nature of my last post is to determine and meet up with experienced team BJ players that are active right now. I have yet to fully achieve the fantastic results that Ellis achieved with team BJ play in the Bahamas (although Ellis did mention the best team play is to combine team members plus some additional factors from NBJ/WCB - but this would complicate team BJ plays considerably). I'd like to continue real-time active BJ team work to try and achieve the Bahamas results. My results are positive - but always wonder if playing 7 spots would significantl
  13. Hi, Ellis, Keith, Aegis21, CarlosM, BTC members, I have been using team BJ approach now for some time in Vegas - using 6 dks and playing 3 hds in spots 1,2,3. BP is spot 1. Then play as near to team BJ approach. Normally start of playing basic strategy until at least 2-3 shoes to get rhythm of the 6 dks. BTW - I don't sit at tables where they have shuffle machines that switch out 2 different 6dk colored shoes. I sit at hand-shuffled 6 dk tables. I have observed very frequently that no matter how many steps is tried, like add a spot, or remove a spot, or random vs dealer strategy, etc., it
  14. Hi, Ellis, "You're always looking and watching the "bias" of the shoe. If you're running S40 and the shoe turns into a giant streak on either side, the bias has just changed! If you break the shoe up into roughly a set of three sections, it may look different in the third section than the first section. " Do you play NOR or NOR+ much more frequently via changing NOR strategies? Or changing the modes? If you were to change from S40 to F for example, at what metric would you make that change? Some potential metrics can include: 1. Change in O/R from positive to below (-2). 2. Change in O/R dir
  15. Hi Stephen, In NOR Bootcamp training, u mentioned change of OR count by +/- 3 was indicative of trend chg of OR count, thus implying adapt to correct NOR strategy. R u suggesting NOR strategies be applied and changed mid shoe w all OR changes > +/- 3? Often, most shoes will hv OR counts drifting easily by more than +/- 3. For example, all consec 3 losses would chg OR trend. But, would u chg NOR strategy after 3 consec losses I hv played NOR w single strategy primarily based off OR, SAP events (LC,MC), and modes 2, 3. But, I hv not been switching NOR strategies. I play thru as per orig NO
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