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From the Private BJ Forum today:

Hello All,

I hope people understand what I am about to say is for the good of the NBJ/WCB community, I think Keith and Ellis aren't getting too old, but they are getting soft and too determined to get the casinos playing an honest game.

As an NBJ/WCB player I would love to see the price of these manuals/systems brought back to their original price. Here are my reasons (which I admit are selfish)

1) I do not want thousands of winning players flocking to the casino, this will kill my retirement hobby/extra income. I have worked hard all my life and would like to enjoy retirement playing blackjack as a hobby/supplemental income.

2) Players who get something at a BARGAIN price, tend to treat it less than it is worth. The time to fully read/re-read the manual and understand all the concepts behind those concepts, gets put aside and the game isn't played to its full potential. Even worse it is played without all the tools available and it falls apart. I know Ellis at this point in his career would love to see the casino cheating turned around and used against themselves, forcing to actually deal a fair game of random card blackjack. If Ellis's wish comes true I would have to start counting again and I wasn't great at it when I did count. (thank goodness for NBJ, it was only for a very short time)

3) This is by far the best investment I have ever made and I continue to reap the rewards after two decades! I do not want my investment diluted or wiped out!

Ellis and Keith please raise these prices to where they belong, keep the player quality, sincerity, and devotion to the game back to the past high standards.

Sorry if I up set anyone here, but I would rather have everyone know where I stand than to private message this to Ellis and Keith.

Thanks for listening


I don't really mind the fact that casinos induce clumping by picking up the break cards first. Sure, if the casinos did not do this and picked up all of the hands in turn, the cards would be random and we could beat nearly every shoe with simple Basic Strategy. The problem is, so could everyone else. And very soon there would be no BJ.

BTW, during a gigantic seminar in the MN twin cities A local casino manager stood up and challenged me when I made the statement that casinos clump the cards by picking up the break cards first. He loudly vowed to have his dealers pick up all cards in turn "starting tomorrow" to prove me wrong. Of course the BS players descended on his casino and his BJ profits went right through the floor. He quickly changed right back to picking up the break cards first having decidedly proved me right once and for all.

With the help of a large team of professional Engineers I collected actual BJ statistics for two years before writing NBJ. I also played NBJ successfully for three years full time before writing NBJ. I wanted NBJ based on real world statistics and hard evidence rather than computer generated statistics. I found that the two sets of statistics were vastly different.

First, Basic Strategy had a real world hit rate of only 43% which dived far lower on weekends. NO one has ever challenged that finding.

But also, overall, players lost on splits and merely broke even on double downs!

NBJ corrects these shortcomings and many others. NBJ is solely based on hard evidence, not wishful thinking. And NBJ has thousands of actual casino wins to confirm all aspects. Basic Strategy and Card Counting have no evidence of winning except in the movies.

But I had to investigate Card Counting. How could so many books be wrong? So I practiced Card Counting until I could count faster and better than anyone. I also knew more about how to use the count. It isn't the numerical count that is most important. It is the direction of the count. You tend to lose when the count is going up and win when the count is going down. That is the real essence of card counting. So when I was thoroughly practiced I tried it. I lost $40,000 in no time. To say the least, I was really pissed at the CC book writers - so I investigated them. I found that not a single one of them actually played BJ. They were strictly in the book writing business and writing whatever sold. Their instructors could not produce a single winning player when challenged publicly. I went right back to NBJ and got my $40,000 back even quicker than I had lost it.

That is when I met Kenny Uston, their number one player. I watched him lose his shirt all the way to oblivion. Stories about his death abound.

After three years of full time winning play and W/O a single losing day I had the facts and the proof to write and publish NBJ.

To date, NBJ has outsold all of the gambling books in the world put together. As well it should!

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