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  1. Thank you for the reply. So then I will believe that there is no mathematical way to figure out the probabilities of dealer vs player wins and losses iar? I believe that is what you are saying. The application is not the question as I have my own. Just the ones, twos , threes, etc in a row. But it would seem that there is no way to figure that out.? Just trying to turn another negative expectaion game into a positive one. Thank you!!
  2. Anyone who has the answer please post. Thanks in advance!! In the spirit of this thread I have a ? ... How do the numbers for the "events" work in a game like blackjack? Just going on wins and losses, lets say, what would the stats be for 1 win in a row, 2 wins iar, three, etc...?? The same for the losses in BJ, or any other events that could be tracked? Also lets assume we play perfect basic strategy , and also we play perfect NBJ. Two different comparisons, but the point is that the odds of winning any hand in BJ are less than the almost 50/50 odds of a bac hand. So is it possible to figure out the math of ones twos threes ... iar?? Again just going on wins and losses. Or another way to look at it is if you were able to bet on the player or the dealer in BJ, what would the "iar's" look like? I am a member of the BJ forum also, but gave up the game a while back. However, it is a quicker, and less frustrating game so I wish to spend some time applying some theories to it. Thanks again , and I hope this question is given serious consideration as it could potentially change your life. As its application in BAC has changed mine.
  3. Another top notch read, katchatz! I have been reluctant to post a question lately pertaining to BJ, and now since you bring up the game... Im gonna put it in the chubby thread though cause it is not about NOR. I would REALLY appreciate an answer from you and Ellis and anyone else. Thank you!!
  4. Interesting, I read a similar critique of this site on another site that i came across recently. baccaratlabs.com i agree, for what its worth, that maybe there needs to be a new plan or change of direction for this site(which I do enjoy coming to) to thrive. The Best to you!!!
  5. First, sorry but i just got a burst of excitement that I just had to post. Such a great thread I thought I would raise it TTT. I was lying in bed the other night when a Completely new idea hit me like a ton of bricks... It all revolved around yet another application of the info i this thread and the two connected threads from Kat. Yep, it has to do with the "events" or the "iar's". I just had to go back and chect a few things in this dead thread. Give it sort of a "dead cat bounce". The key to winning this game in my experience, not opinion is in the events. And tou may have guessed it, this concept includes "the runs". just food for thought for those of you who always try to use your brains to better your bac game and to avoid senility. Keep pressing on men... Its the events, jerry... Good luck all. Thanks again Kevin!
  6. Hey Mr. D.J., Nice to seethat there are still some people on this side of the new forum. Thougt it might be left for dead. The parx is a sneaky place with those game switches. (been there, done that many times) Watch out for those "3" bets. Nice win! Keep it up!
  7. You just refuse to accept my gift. You win,already! Lets move on and teach some good lessons. A real "pro" knows when to fold em. Talk about lawyers. How about a whole bunch of them in a class action? Will you send jacoby or myer? (i didnt see their screennames being "used" here) Dont "press" it with this crap. And you couldn't afford the public defender. When we met in AC i watched you among others play. It was a high stakes seminar but you played greens. (yeah i know it was a saturday night-- right) You lost both shoes you played. You talk about comps in your manuals. in your posts. Now you are against them. You were banned from AC yet you used a players card that night. Maybe you need a vacation down to South Beach? Need I go on? You see , casino money can fund a million memberships for me. Now folks, there is a 50/50 chance that this we be my last post in this regard, as I am only here to help. I will bet a 3-4-5 on the run though. Hows that for a "twist"? (lets move on) kramden/santa fe
  8. Afterthought... Before anyone gets the wrong idea... We have just been thru alot. It is not wise for me to give any more opinions at this time. Can you all see that? Members please hash out the idea of what these three events could could be used for. We already know alot. Keep the convo rolling.
  9. I humbly submit that this makes me happy! This is the first sign of new talk here in a long time. It appears that some new tidbits are being talked about after being suggested. The framework for new discussion has been set. We need to keep talking about these things as a group to see if we can get somewhere further down the road together. Lets work together. I mean this with all due respect to Ellis and crew! Lets let the teacher teach for a bit and then follow up with questions and ideas. I know we can do better if we all put our heads together. This is what I paid for.
  10. So now we are talking 1's, 2's and 3's together. How lucky. Can I answer anyones' questions?
  11. Just remember i did you a favor. I always knew who you , Oz , and etc are. I gave you an "out" and you should thank me. (you know my anger display was what you anticipated)(a little gift for you) This went from me trying to help your members to a chess game. The shame is that the only ones who lose are the members. Game over. You win. You are welcome.
  12. Well let's hope they can't because then I am ruined!! LOL
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