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Hello all

Is this video available when you buy the "Zero Proximity & NBJ Special" manuals ? or it is another purchase.


It's free for everyone Danicito. We just don't have the next reel edited yet but it should be ready very shortly and available to everyone at no charge.

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Will your videos cover all points from A to Z ?

Thanks for producing these Ellis and Keith !!


ps..........when are you guys going to Vegas again ? (seminars )

Hi Johnny! Actually we already did the next reel or two which will be up very shortly as soon as Keith completes the editing. The next reel I demonstrate, using a typical hand of BJ, exactly how the casino clumps the cards. It is right there in black and white exactly how the casino accomplishes what the BJ gurus have been saying for 30 years is impossible. Now, of course, they aren't so sure. It is hard for them to admit that what they have been teaching for 30 years is dead wrong. Their first clue should have been the fact that none of their students were winning.

We started these films as sales films even though they are also quite educational. But depending on their acceptance and popularity, we may continue them right through the entire NBJ approach. I think people would much prefer to see first hand rather than only read about a method. You know, a picture is worth a thousand words and all that. We'll see.

We aren't scheduling anything for me right now because I'm likely going in for surgery very soon. They found an embolism in my lower aorta that is causing most of my walking problem. We'll see after that.

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Ellis and Keith, the idea of NBJ from start to finish all on video with real hands on demonstration by Ellis is the best idea I have ever heard!

In fact, I just now talked to Keith about it. He is all for it. I'm thinking that we will end up with a full length film with little intermissions now and then.

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Sent you and Keith a pm earlier this morning after viewing the video.

Needless to say I thought it was a great idea and more importantly wanted to wish you well with your health situation.

Good luck with the upcoming operation.

Just wanted to say the same publicly.


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Thank You ...Ellis for answering my questions on NBJ filming !

You are going to be just fine and you are in our prays !!

My brother had a heart transplant , going on 10 years ago........could hardly take 2 steps prior........now he out does me

and walks all over the place , at a fast zip !!

So wishing you complete healing and just think , ya gonna be your ole self again !!

And now can fight back at Keith !! :smile:


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