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Ellis,at one time you posted the difference between 123 prog and the 234 prog

and how the 234 prog is much better.

could you please post that as I can't find the old post.



Sure Norm. The 234 is not always better. Actually the 123 is best when you are winning the 2 bet more than the 1 bet. But, when you have selected the right system AND it is a good shoe and you are winning the first bet more than half the time, you want to put more emphasis on the first bet, so you upgrade to the 234. And then as soon as you win a 3 bet you upgrade again to the 345 but that is as high as you go because you have reached the point of diminishing returns.

Why is this so?

When you lose a 123 you are down 6 first bets.

But when you lose a 234 you are only down 4.5 first bets.

And when you lose a 345 you are only down 4 first bets.

Therefore the 234 and the 345 not only win 2 and 3 times more money, they also have much faster recovery.

See that?

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