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The annual Christmas Shoe

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Well, in our house, it's off to the casino on Christmas Day. As most of our families are away, it only leaves those of us who stay home for the holidays and we meet for breakfast and head off for an afternoon at the local B&M casino. Most everybody plays the slots but I'm the only baccarat player and one of the other guys went for the airball roulette machine.

Last year I had a struggling shoe running S40 and F2, switching just in time to do it wrong. So what else is new! At least it showed a small profit so the year ended nicely.

This year it was another S40 shoe and I elected to stick it out as the numbers of "ones" was keeping me in the game. This year's problem? Way too many "threes" in the shoe, but it still came out a winner, although I should have exited around hand 38 or 39 playing with the greens.

At hand 44 I was seriously considering going to F3 on Bank (which would have been a valid play) but elected to stay with S40/Mode2 as it wasn't really losing, so much as just holding its own.

Also, I don't think there were more than two ties in the whole shoe!

So, without further adieu, my annual Christmas shoe, warts and all.


Bac-Imm-NOR-122512-608f.jpg . Bac-Imm-NOR-122512-608b.jpg

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hi,played foxwoods yesterday morning @ 9am.I waited for the pre-packaged decks to be placed into the shuffle master.I played 1 1/2 shoes.I made a few units but our shoes were very very much the same with dominant banker.I colored up and left because i started to go in circles.I also made a few units @ the craps tables.thanks ruebel

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