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Hi Stephen,

In NOR Bootcamp training, u mentioned change of OR count by +/- 3 was indicative of trend chg of OR count, thus implying adapt to correct NOR strategy. R u suggesting NOR strategies be applied and changed mid shoe w all OR changes > +/- 3? Often, most shoes will hv OR counts drifting easily by more than +/- 3.

For example, all consec 3 losses would chg OR trend. But, would u chg NOR strategy after 3 consec losses

I hv played NOR w single strategy primarily based off OR, SAP events (LC,MC), and modes 2, 3. But, I hv not been switching NOR strategies.

I play thru as per orig NOR plan and adj w modes.

Ellis, any ideas on how best to adapt to OR chgs by +/- 3 or more? Or using OTR, modes, sufficient to keep NOR players from chgs NOR strategy once or more times per shoe?

Thanks for both of ur inputs!



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