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whats happened to this place

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What's happened?

Well, in the three years that you've been a member here, it appears you've made this one post. I may be wrong, but the number is posted up in the corner.

As to the discussions? Well, I think a lot of people come into the forum expecting it to be like the other "baccarat" forums and they find out that although there's not a whole lot going on in public, the private areas are carrying on a large volume of discussions, almost all of it on topic! The typical fighting and arguing in public forums is rarely seen among the group of private members. They paid to be there and they have made the decision to get serious about their game.

Figuring that about 300 people a day just cruise on in as guests, only a small fraction of those actually register and a smaller subset of that eventually realizes that perhaps it is time to do something "different" than what they've been doing, namely losing at baccarat!

Some read through all of the public areas over and over and MAY ask a question or two. Assuming the question is valid, they'll get a good answer assuming some of the private area members wish to comment. On several occasions, members have made really good comments, only to be trashed for their efforts so they quietly go back to the private area and just continue to read, study, play and show a profit.

There's no need to make a big noise if you're content to win so the public area slowly loses participation.

What is it that you would like to know? Anything specific?

The currently accepted method of play appears to be NOR+ for those who have worked with standard NOR and wish to "tweak" their game.

I'm still basically a NOR player but that's because I've learned the basics of it a long time ago and it suits my style of play.


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One time you come here and see peoples techniques and be able to read strategy etc now everything is private what the hell is this...use to be a very fun and informative site now is just a place i see for wanting money, i guess they cant win at baccaret so charge memebrs to read so called winning techniques.

Hmm, just decided to do a quick check and since I replied to you the first time, there have been at least 37 new messages in the private baccarat area and most of them are right on target.

Good questions, good discussions and answers to problems.

That's what I'm looking for in a good baccarat forum.


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