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Newbie here from California, can anyone help

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(Somehow started this thread twice on accident trying to edit the first one, don't know how to delete the other one sorry lol)

Hi All, My name is Marty. I'm new to the forum and new to Nor. I'm in northern California and im 23 years old. I have been reading the manual over and over and I think I have been getting a good grasp on it. I have been visiting a local casino here in Sacramento called Lotus Casino it's really small but it has 5 baccarat tables it's EZ baccarat with the dragon and panda bets. I have been trying to practice otb4l doing free practice on my scorecard (I want to be able to beat the shoe free before using real $) but I keep losing to zz and straight runs. Anyone have any ideas? Also if anyone is in Northern California or California let me know maybe we can play somewhere.

Thanks in Advance


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