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Greetings all! I was at Palace Station in Las Vegas and sat down at a live game to start play. First time at the table and was a bit disorganized at first. The end of the first shoe was neutral, so I started the new shoe with OTB4L. Was up 8 units within about 15 minutes and still in the first column. I had to stop play as I had to get back to a conference, but I was quite impressed both with OTB4L in the neutral shoe 'live,' and equally amazed at the insane bets that some people were making. One lady was running from table to table putting 100s of dollars on the dragon bet only at multiple tables at a time! Wow. Anyway, off to a great start. Thanks for this wonderful forum. Greg


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Ha, reminds me of a BJ guru teaching on one of the card counting forums. He said it is about how much money you can get on the table!

No, it isn't! It is about how little money you can get on the table and still win. Desperation bets are made by desperate people - Desperados are not Players.

The best measurement of your play quality IS, and always has been, Player Advantage (PA) (ROI) money won / money bet. And the lower you ABS (Avg Bet Size) the higher your PA. Desperation bets ruin PA!

Did you know that BJ card counters do all that work and headache in a feeble attempt to attain a target 1/2% PA. All those card counting movies are about a 1/2% PA! I tip more than that for crying out loud. They should be making movies about US. We aren't happy with anything short of a double digit PA. They think a 1/2% PA was a great day! My 26% PA average over the 6 consecutive shoes I played for Virtuoid (ImSpirit) - Now THAT was a great day! THAT is how WE define a great day. They don't even know that such days are possible. They live in their own little cocoon and will never know what real gambling is all about.

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