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After a while and reading many discussion I decide to make a post. Last nite I lost more than only money. My IQ is not 160, but 153 still that is the iq of a genius. IQ means you understand things faster. The shuffle machine does orchestrate shoes. To often I have seen machine malfunction when the shoes are having many winners. Yesterday the same happened and than some pitboss came with few cards and add it inside the shuffling machine. Without counting or checking which card was missing. This is enough evidence that the shuffle master machine can recognize cards, be it the picture or back of the card. I have a certain knowledge of machinery by making dots differently on the back which can' t be seen with the human eye, the machinery can still recognise.

I usually win 95% of the shoes, without betting pattern, sometimes bet on tie and usually bet and double hard on banco. The only thing I use is the tote board. Over 10 years I lost more than 1.5 million dollars playing Punto Banco in the Netherlands. Biggest winning was 50.000 USD a nite. Zig-Zag I win, Terrible two' s I win, Many ties I win, Streaky on one side win, The shoes that totally kills me are big punto streak followed by Banco streaks or bias. And guess what last nite punto start weak with small banco streaks and then suddenly a big banco streak followed by big punto streak and yours truly is totally devastated, what is more sick is how banco kept losing. 7 lose to 3rd card, Punto 1 after 3 cards and third card banco makes banco 0. First 2 card Punto has 4 and banco 6. punto takes 7 and banco 4. From my memory once these events occurs the shoes start to kill me. I also need the lure of banco streaks followed by punto streaks to kill me. This happens time over time everytime I tell myself the next time I see it, I am going to follow punto, but for some reasons I always froze. Thus why I never brought any kind of system. I know I can' t 100% follow the principles of a system.

The thing that happened which totally devastated was the following. I had 600 on banco, I had enough of seeing the cards I walk away. Tie comes. So I don' t come close to the table. Banco comes, I want to double up. I look around I see 600 on punto and nothing on banco. It was 30 mins before closing time. There were only 4 bets on the table. It was my last money. I have 100 left over for a cab. I ask the manager they say check camera. I tell them I want to double up. How are we gonna solve? Are you gonna wait?

They kept met waiting for 30 mins. Banco streak of 17 came.

After the streak I get back lousy 1200.

Not possible that the dealer didn' t saw on a very quit table some guy that never bet big pull away 600 from banco to put on punto. The person who did was probably working for the casino.

The shoes are orchestrated. Sometimes for no reasons they close a table. They keep all the aunties and grandmas always alive who bet 20usd to make it harder for the big fish to bet when good shoes come.

They do anything in their power to take your money. Once I got even punched in my back by pitboss because I was looking angry when the dealer mistook my bet, while she needs to pay it. His answer was don' t look angry: My reaction: Whatever. His reaction: Last warning or I kick you out. I was winning and of course I lost all that nite. A friend of mine won 150.000 in 3 days and got banned for 6 months. They can ban you as it is state owned here.

I am a very hard working person. Work usually 70 hours or more a week. 10 years ago I got scammed and conned. My business went bankrupt, I win the court, but the person got no money on paper. If that wasn' t bad enough the tax office here charge me taxes or fictive profit. Because I "sold" my product. And they also charge tax on salary which I couldn' t pay. They totally **** me up and I got blackbook notice and can' t buy house the rest of my life. Thus I stated gambling with a dream of starting my business again.

Don' t get me wrong, I ruined my life myself, but I hope one day some dealers, pitboss or manager will take the casino to the court. Everything inside the casino is fake. Games are rigged and/or orchestrated. The moment I walk in I put my life in the hands and I didn' t ask for that.

All casino cheats they regulate some winners so people believe they don' t cheat and you can actually win. Everyone thinks I am a winning player. Because I have my streaks and people only remember you winning big bets. I am a very good puppet for the casino. I will blow away any kind of money in one shoe, When I am blowing away in 15 mins not everyone see, When I am winning money everyone sees.

I have nothing else to say. Good luck all and hopefully cheaters burn in hell

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