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"Baccaratonnet.com" Website

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I have a quick question about baccaratonnet.com (and similar sites.)

Reading and listening to presentations by Ellis, Keith and Steve,

I thought that the only reason NOR members are able to beat casino baccarat

was due to SHOE BIASES. The stronger the bias, the more the shoe is exploitable

to one of the three NOR components. However, doesn't the above website use

an RNG to generate its shoes? If so, wouldn't that result in a perfectly Random

game and eliminate the biases?

Please, educate me on this as soon as possible, as I have only been practicing on

Zumma shoes, which are not as good as "real shoes," due to the ability to see how the remainder

of the shoe plays out. In fact, I welcome a reply from any members who understand this

and have experience using the aforementioned (or a similar) baccarat website. Thank you.

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Although I haven't been to the particular site mentioned in this thread, I've found that about half of the "internet game" style baccarat games are a bit off.

My wife uses an iPad to access a few baccarat games for me and of the 5 decent ones I've played, FOUR of them had incorrect rules!!

I did write to the authors explaining the errors and they eventually did correct them but things like the "667" rule and the fact the ties do not automatically lose for everybody made me really test out these games before using them for any kind of practice.

I will admit that a few of those iPad games are very addicting but at least it's good practice while waiting in the car for whatever it is that women do while shopping for half of the afternoon.


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Thanks for your reply, however, my main issue is whether these sites do anything

to improve our NOR game. If the shoes are computer generated, there is no bias!

Furthermore, is there even a clearly-defined shoe consisting of 68-75 (on average)

hands, the way the game is played at casinos, or are dealing with a continuous game

with no shuffles? I really want to practice NOR, but I want to do it the right way.

And I would love to hear what Ellis, Keith and Steve think.

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Sorry Sakana, we were away at seminar. Right, on line practice is fine but only at sites that present a legitimate game. I don't see how practicing at a site with its own rules can help you in a casino. For fun, fine. But for practice - not so good.

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