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New NOR player here - Introducing myself

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Hi all,

My name is Jared, and I'm a serious Bac and Craps player working on going pro - I play 60 unit bankrolls, $20 units - just bought the NOR manual and watched it destroy my best systems handily, winning every shoe I threw at it (even ones that two of my other three systems lose on) by no less than 14 units. :cool:

I am convinced that NOR is the best way to play bac. In fact, OTB4L somewhat reminds me of my best system, P, but it is less complicated and is easier to follow.

At any rate I have a few questions for the forum:

1. Example games? Where do you find these?

a. I am having trouble with F shoes - they seem to get worse for me as the OR count gets more negative.

b. Can somebody post an example game of an OTB4L shoe that goes OTR in a ZZ or SS? This seems to me to be a complicated problem.

2. I have managed to find Ellis' original NOR+ post but I'm not entirely sure what he means by it. Do you still keep an OR count?

3. Templates/examples for the score cards? I just write my own but I wanted to see what other people do.

4. How many hands do people normally wait before picking a system? I seem to find that guessing the system after the first 6 hands is ok,

but I wondered what other people thought.

5. Does NOR work with online casinos? Conventional wisdom would seem to point to no.

And I have one offering for the forum:

If you need an accurate way to practice, any device with Android OS can download the app "Zuan Xin Lucky Dragon Baccarat" for free. It's all in garish bright red and gold, but it runs a simulator that simulates shuffle and draw from a real shoe, complete with card burning and everything. I find it to be far more realistic than a RNG. It also tries to teach you Xin analysis, which attempts to win ONE unit a shoe, I think on the premise that you are meant to be using enormous units and a gargantuan bankroll - the practice bankroll is $1000000.00 lol. :tongue:


"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." -- Albert Einstein

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I'm a fairly new member myself (just a couple of months), but the best way to get the information you're looking for is to read as much of the forum as you can. The answers to most of your questions are answered in here. I've found that Ellis and the more experienced members are glad to help out once you've put in the effort to absorb the knowledge already provided in the manual and on the forum. Best of luck.

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