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Foxwoods Casinos, CT

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I've been to Foxwoods 2 times in the past, simply because it is close to a few clients of mine and somewhat convenient in that regard. With that said, I have only played Craps there. I am heading there next week, and will be playing NOR Bac for the first time at Foxwoods.

I noticed several folks on our board have played there, so I was hoping I could get some clarification.

1) Do these casinos have big bac and mini? If so, which do most of you decide to play and why?

2) Which Casino do you use to play Bac? MGM, Rainmaker, etc? Or do you try to hit all of them? Any insight into the best ones to try out is appreciated.

3) Has anyone played Bac in their high limit areas? What were your thoughts on it?

4) Based on your experience, time of day, and Casino selected in the Foxwoods, how did their shoes play out for you? Meaning...OTB4L, S40, F, etc....

Thanks gang....I appreciate the advice from everyone :)


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