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  1. Hi Gang, I've not asked the group lately...but I was curious to what everyone may be experiencing these days at Foxwoods. I've not played there in 2015. I typically play in the Newport Bac Room (Asian Room)...touch games. Are they using Factory Preshuffled? Or other? What is working best there...MDB+, NOR, etc? Any insight on the best way to play/beat their games would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Great! Looking forward to learning it and playing online. Also, would love to play together as well too. Hopefully this new system is fairly easy
  3. Good Stuff Ellis, makes sense. I'm looking forward to two possibilities: 1) Many of us play this method online together via Teleconference. 2) We play together in Vegas like this in Stadium Bac where we hit them hard
  4. Ellis- I hate to Bug ya again on this question, as I know you are fighting an eye issue..however, I'm hitting Foxwoods and would like your opinion. Should I play MDB+ and which type netbetting for my companion system? Thanks
  5. Headed back to Foxwoods next week and wanted to revisit this topic. I plan to play the Asian Newport Room Touch Games Pre-shuffled 6 decks in 1 box...as mentioned above. I will use MDB+ as Base as the companion system..we are you guys suggesting the old school/regular Netbetting....or these newer NBetting methods in the more recent threads...2HiNB, Ultimate NB, etc......??
  6. Ellis Based on our newest NBetting threads Would u say the best way to beat the high stakes Foxwoods room is MDB+ combined with Ultimate Net Betting?
  7. Thanks Al and Ellis for the input. I play this place when I travel to both Boston, and Providence for Business.
  8. Hi Team, After all of the great intel we surfaced in the 5dimes.com shoe thread. I was hoping we could try it at other Casinos across that we have experience. I've played all of the Bac tables at Foxwoods over the last year or 2. However, most of my best play was in the Asian Newport Bac room. For those playing already there, I was hoping we could share some intel on the best ways to beat their shoes: 1) I've noticed they used pre-shuffled cards (1 big white box of many decks) 2) Only$100 min tables have a tote board 3) All games are touch games 4) I've played both the 50 and 100 dollar ta
  9. Thanks Ellis, I agree, we need a thread to gather intel from all of our members. We can determine the best games/online casinos to play, then determine the best way to beat those games. I love the idea of playing online together via phone, with our best players, etc.
  10. Hi Team, I'm considering playing online, Live Dealer at 5dimes.com For those playing already, I was hoping we could share some intel on the best ways to beat their shoes: 1) Are they regular cards (biased shoes) 2) Are they pre-shuffled (random shoes) 3) Other What is best way to play these at 5dimes, MBD, MDB+, NOR, other, combo play of NB and MDB+???
  11. Sorry if I missed it, but for MDB+, do we have a new scorecard? Or are we using the NOR scorecard for the most part?
  12. Given that we have some solid rules now for MDB, and we have a mechanical system to play, I am wondering if we can design a Analyzer that can be used in real-time when playing Live Casino Online Bac? We would have a solid tool to use that eliminates some of the player error that we could use to play nearly perfectly while playing online. Thoughts?
  13. Idea: Should we start two new threads: 1) Casinos we verified using Preshuffled/Fixed cards 2) Casinos we still believe use regular cards Just a thought, we can have the top post fixed/stickied and Ellis can edit it to keep it accurage and the rest of us can post of knowledge of casinos under it
  14. thanks for the clarification Ellis So, in MDB, the playing rules for BaS40, BaOTB4L, and BaS40M1 are the same as NOR S40, S40M1 and OTB4L. The only difference is the Ba means that we play a new betting progression 120123, etc.?
  15. I hope not tjfiles I thought the idea behind +5 is that it can be used successfully at any table, any casino, online/offline, etc. We are working on a system for fixed cards, regular cards, etc. +5 should handle anything
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