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My wife got rather interested in Bac after she watched me win 8 units in less than half an hour. She prefers to learn by doing, so I got a shoe and felt table top along with 8 decks of cards and an inexpensive shuffler. I know that this lacks the technological savvy of a casino, but it did create a shoe quite challenging for NOR+ OTB4LM3 because the modes kept changes [4iar and 5iar both in the shoe]. I thought I would share it for comment. The OR count is all over the place -3 to a +5. I replayed in F2 to start and did alright, SB40 and OTB4L both hit loss marks early in the shoe [sB40M2 at play 15 after starting at play 5, and OBT4LM3 at play 28 after starting at play 6]. I did play the score cards to hand 60 just to observe what would happen, but would not have done so in a live game for any of them.




I'll try to attach my three play modes via PDF.

weird shoe.pdf

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