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Hand shuffled vs Machine shuffled

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Hello. Within the context of blackjack, what is the difference between hand and machine? My closest casino, Hard Rock in Tampa, only uses machine shuffling. Or I should say I've never once seen them use hand shuffling except in the poker room. I've seen so much clumping because the shoe (6 or 8, not entirely sure) is never played entirely through and the cards continue getting recirculated whenever the dealers switch out.

Before a new table is about to open the cards are laid out and the pit boss is thumbing through them. What is he looking for?

How does NBJ stand against these conditions?

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He's looking for blank cards which happens now and then.

There is no discernable difference between hand vs machine except for contuinuous shuffle machines.

Yes, NBJ First Base is designed for clumped cards to take advantage of clumping.

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hey just my opinion but i stay away from these asian female bj dealers.they tend to hand shuffle with perfection.they take the 8 decks and split the cards perfectly shuffling 2x.i would choose the table with the older male type dealers as opposed to the younger females.can anyone comment on this.thanks

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I always go after the young females, but when it comes to blackjack, a sloppy shuffling dealer is better for basic strategy and NBJ third base. And ALWAYS cut the shoe on the thin side when you are in a good game. This applies to most hand shuffled games. I'll see if Foxwoods has machine shuffled tables and see if this holds true.

Can anyone collaborate or found the opposite???



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