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I found the main key is discipline, walk away with a decent win and be disciplined enough to walk away at your stop loss level. There's always another shoe to play to make up for your losses, I know this can be difficult to grasp as the mind, fear, and greed are our worst enemies. I personally don't play a complete shoe and consistently walk away with moderate gains that continue to build over time at far better rate of return than most aggressive investments will return.

My biggest fear is losing my capital, therefore my motto is "preservation of Capital is Priority" This is why I set stop losses even when I am up units, ie I don't let my session roll drop below sett unit / win levels.

I have dealers and other players ask me why I leave the table?... without losing my last or large bet..... My usual response is; I've taken my fair share of winnings from this table, it's enough! That's all I need. I believe that this separates a greedy gambler and an intelligent disciplined Baccarat Pro.

What really boggles my mind is the fact that so many players watch me win consistently, that I wonder why they don't adapt to my good habits.... I always arrive at the same answer, Greed, and lack of discipline resulting to lack of control.

Play smart, be a winner, play like a pro.


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