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22 live shoe total 40


What were your results like?

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Dark, we have an established method of posting unplayed shoes we call our short cut method.

For instance, assuming blue is Bank we would post your first partial shoe thusly:

B 212342114

B 21331121121

We always post in cols of 20 plays until the end of the shoe. We omit ties altogether.

This way we save time and space and members can transcribe to their own score card in seconds.

Some casinos blue = Bank; Some casinos red = Bank so nobody knows how to transcribe your shoes.

Also, The average 8 deck shoe is 72 plays???

Why are yours so short?

Where did they come from?

Are they partial shoes? If so which part did you copy - the beginning, the end.

We always say where a shoe came from and why we are posting it.

We never post unexplained shoes for no reason. It is a waste of everyone's time including yours.

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BTC is the only forum in the world that has winning players - either BJ or Bac or both

Members here paid hard earned money to hear from THEM - not other beginners.

They consider that a waste of their time and money.

This is not a bar for trivial conversation. It is a teaching and learning gaming forum.

Well thought out questions not previously explained and not in your manual are fine. So are well thought out comments.

We don't argue with other members here.

Those are our only rules.

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they from online casino live play i print screen when near end, they will dissappear when hit last round

what is the 212342114 how do you get the number? red bank blue play not universal?,

sorry i have never see a casino with blue bank yet i don't know it exist.

i will look into that.

That is what I mean by a trivial post.

If you take the time to look at our method of posting shoes, you will understand it completely in a few minutes.

THINK before you speak.

This is the END of this conversation.

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Dark you are saying you will be joining the private forum and after 2 months i still see you posting in the public section. We welcome your contribution but please keep the posts clean.

you are back!!! ps i join the BJ forum because i remenber seeing its limited somewhere and i remember i saw it somewhere professor say we should learn both so i bought the webinar

1st to support professor 2nd to learn the second game

i will join nor side after i make some money in local

after testing much at online i think i should try on local to see same anot

second long long time never go there need to go for some update

where you have being i don't see you around for quite long

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