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i was told on this forum that there are no stupid questions so here it goes......

What is mode 2?

what is mode 3?

i am guessing it is S40 and F. I am also thinking that OTB4L is the default system.

please.....i need clarification

Mode 2 simply means that you bet on the run (OTR) after 2 losses in a row...and Mode 3 means that you go OTR after 3 losses

Your 3rd bet is your guide...If it wins...you are in the right Mode.

This applies to both OTB4L and S40.

With OTB4L ...you can be in different Modes for OTR and ZZ runs

Modes as such don't apply to the F System because you are already betting on the run continuing..

F2 means that you change sides after 2 losing bets and F3 means that you change sides after 3 losing bets

Generally OTB4L is the default system if you have no previous table history and you want to start at the beginning of the shoe.

Some prefer to wait and see what the shoe is doing before deciding which system...or wander among the tables until they see an obvious bias and then join the table



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