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Why use OO/TT ? What pattern is it catching that the other patterns are not catching ? I see what OTB4L is catching and tracking it as far as disparity is concerned..

Anyone ?

The 3D100 is not using or tracking OO/TT in any way. That is what makes it simpler and that's why we call it 3D.

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The 3D100 is not using or tracking OO/TT in any way. That is what makes it simpler and that's why we call it 3D.

Top step-

Understand Captain E's comment re: difficulty in tracking OO/TT

While I do not agree it is that difficult, I respect that 3D100 could be the answer and based on all the 4D " confusion" ( as opposed to Confuscious, especially here in Chinese New Year!), I think we have to all put our oars in the water and row in one direction...

NOR/ NOR+ is about finding/playing " THE GREATEST DISPARITY"

4D is a mix of finding/playing " THE GREATEST DISPARiTY" , while also looking for " THE LEAST DiSPARITY"....

Never stated, but finding the least disparity is looking towards " regression to the mean" ( means everything " evens out", even in just one shoe..), which in our BTC world is like embracing the devil...

3D works really well with NOR precepts...have been doing this for several years

Here's how:

P/B...just look for which side is winning the most...often end of shoe you see 30Players/40Bankers...or vice- versa...THE BIGGEST DISPARITY WINS

O/R...lots of "O"= S40! Lots of "R"=means F-shoe!

OTBL heavy...( our favorite!)... We call this " Neutral"


- Now we throw in TBL measurement, and we can more " quickly" identify " neutral" , S40 or "F" shoes ...Just another tool in the tool-bag

Many players getting used to seeing shoe go from OTBL, to "F"-type or S40 in middle of shoe, then switch again before end of shoe...

I think OzC, and now Dr. E., have hit upon a way to properly play ONLY A PORTION OF A SHOE, rather than the whole thing, to maximum player advantage

Suggest we all cinch our seatbelts just a little bit tighter, and Do Not Be Afraid of what really amounts ( IMHO) to nothing more than a much needed tweak to NOR+, along with a " simplified/ easy to understand" version of net betting...

There, I've said it. Let's see what Oz and E. have for us behind the curtain!

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