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Is there something I'm missing, or is this just an abberation?

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Hopefully I can ask this question here without giving too much away. For some reason I seem to win a lot more in low TR rounds as opposed to high. High TR rounds are supposed to be player favorable according to the manual, but in my practice I lose more of these rounds but I win enough of the low rounds with negative progression that I still end up ahead. I'm playing 3rd base in practice. If you can't answer without giving too much away then PM me.

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Is it possible that the high ratio rounds are too tightly clumped. The Tens are too tightly clumped causing too many pushes on 20 or the dealer wins?

Not usually. I enjoy the satisfaction of taking the dealer's good cards and beating her that way, more often than seeing her bust (double entendre for the win) because I'm able to read those situations now and make it my advantage, I just haven't been able to see a high TR as a distinct advantage yet.

When I have a high TR what usually happens are those clean sweeps where everyone gets a 10, then get a small card. I'll keep practicing and hopefully soon my eyes will be opened. Ellis and the manual haven't given me a reason to doubt it yet.

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