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Whatever U do, don't go crying home to Mommy

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There are 1,478 baccarat threads on line in this forum.

Soooooooo much has been written about what to do, what not to do, how to win, what to do when you are not winning, etc. etc.

Wish I could think of a way to get NOR members, especially those less experienced to get on the habit of reading just a few each day

EYE OPENER ???? ( More powerful than a Bloody Mary prepared with Zing-Zang and Tobassco!)

INFORMATIVE ???? ( no need to go anywhere else on the web)

THOUGHT- PROVOKING????? ( yikes , Like letting the horses-out-of-the-barn...)


Losing more than you win , consistently, after getting in the practice of taking advantage of this BACCARAT WIKIPEDIA/BACCARAT ENCYCLOPEDIA right here under your noses, Read-and-Re-read at your own leisure, is just a crying shame.

It's all there.

Learn something new every day.

-----what to do.

-----what NOT to do.

Some of them were written 4-5-6-7years ago...

Are they still valid?

Have they been improved -upon?

Should some of them be ignored.

Well YES, but which ones?????

( you are knowledgeable enough to know , or your GOAL should be to know...and you can, if you are willing to apply yourself , to practice, to "adjust" to ever-changing casino condiitions...)

Or, be one of the wanna-be winners, and just hope the next post will BE THE ANSWER ( hint: a single post?. It won't)

So--you decide.

----- Encyclopedia Baccarat? ( I'd always favor being good over lucky, because if you are GOOD, luck plays a small part...)


You want to hope to be,and always be, lucky?

Up 2 U.

YES, I do it. No kudos, no pats-on-the back desired. I read.

And I re-read these threads, over and over.

---And it shows in my win-loss column.

So, do yourself a favor. There is sooooooooo much here for you to learn from...

( but Pull-eeze, whatever you do, you choose not to do it, thats OK, to..just don't go crying home to Mommy...)

Or your significant other.

Or Ellis.

I really do wish to see you all in THE WINNER'S CIRCLE...


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