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  1. Can I please have access to stats and the interface for the casino shoes please? I have posted andhaven't received any help from you yet.

  2. Anybody else having problems seeing XDotNet's diagrams? It says I don't have permission to see it? Help...
  3. Haha, I doubt it was because of my account but bet phoenix had their live casino baccarat going on 24/7 and you could watch shoe after shoe without betting....I log on this morning to see they went back to their old crappy ways. Live casino only offered 10am to 2am, and you must bet every 3 hands or they log you off. Now you can bet their play money but all my play money is gone and they wont re-load me with more.... Time to make a large withdrawal.
  4. In other words, its crap, didn't come close to making the 6 units per shoe that it was advertised. Scam anyone?
  5. Was it because the 2HI net betting super duper system isn't as good as MDB? I hear a rumor that net betting has been dropped from it.
  6. I like how you went away leaving many people wondering wtf happened ( I know what happened...you were full of crap with your claims)....unfortunately you came back.
  7. I know I'll face heat from Ellis and his followers for this but...about the casinos controlling the shuffle in the shuffle machines from Ellis is complete nonsense I'm afraid. Just an excuse for losing. The casino does not have any control over the shuffle machine. It shuffles the cars randomly. If not, I better get my tin foil hat the next time I go to the casino.
  8. Correct! No need for other systems, just keep it simple. Baccarat isn't a complex game. Battling your fear of loss and your greed is.
  9. Nothing sinister about that shoe. Looks like any other baccarat shoe. For me I would of been out after the run of 6 players with a +5 flat betting.
  10. No one, not in the history of baccarat in the USA has ever been banned from playing baccarat. The bigger you win, the bigger the limo they send to your house to bring you back to play some more.. Anybody that says different is selling you something.
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