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+ 5 Unit System thread....

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I started this thread so we can corral all of the possible systems / strategies available to see if we can formulate a single one that we can all agree achieves the goal of +5 units the most effectively.

Keith, you should recognize this process for your six sigma training. It's basically a Kaizen Event brain-storming session to solve a problem so your input here would be valuable - as well as anyone else skilled in the art.

The way I see it, if we put all of our collective heads together and analyze all the current systems available to play Baccarat, maybe, just maybe, there's a common hybrid that can be formulated that's definitely NOT perfect but achieves this goal:


ALL thoughts welcome!



"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration...do your homework" Thomas A. Edison

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I'm all for this idea.

I have notice lately from the casino that I frequent, the shoes doesn't remain streaky or choppy throughout the entire shoe.

It is hard to maintain a single system from the NOR (either S40, OTB4L or F) throughout the whole shoe....because sooner or later, the shoe trend seems to change. I guess the casino have the cards shuffled by the machine in such way.

The only way to profit is by a hit and run of +5u per table using NOR.

I will try to post some sample games sometime later...hope Ellis or anyone could help to review whether i'm right or wrong about those shoes

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