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So im just listening to sirius fifties on five and I heard Th Twist, by HANK Ballard. WTF???

another twist??

I knew it bu just forgot.

Then it was Having a Party bt Sam Cooke. Another classic!!

Do you know that Sam inspired countless musicians into what they are today? Some say

without him music would be drastically different than it is now. Yes a young

man who was shot to death by a racist woman after he beat her at baccarat

is responsible for changing the mysic genre.

these songs made me smile, just as I smile when I win money, my own way.

And I thought, What we need here is another Katchaz original to

liven up the joint.

I mean, he thinks out of the box, doesnt adhere to a one track thinking, and always

answers your questions.

Wonder where he is now? Playing, winning?

I bet he could even lift up the 4d.

We should pay him? to post at least once a week. I love his threads! How about you?

Well im here for entertainment now, as much as for bac knowledge.

In a good mood... Always!!

Good luck all!!!

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