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Carlos does it again!

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Ellis here: As if to prove it wasn't luck, Carlos has done it again with another big win. $125,000 this time in one sit down. This makes a total of $175,000 in four sit downs. I think the most important fact to note is these four sit downs took more than 4 trips. Carlos made several trips where he did not play at all even though he was well funded. He only played when he saw the "go for the jugular" conditions detailed in his NBJ manual and in his NBJ In Search Of The Winning Game Manual. It is very noteworthy that he had the discipline to NOT sit down when he did NOT see the right conditions. This is the big difference between professionals and mere players. To him, it is not a game, it is a job. A job that takes a serious, practiced professional well educated in his profession.

The second noteworthy fact is that Carlos did not do all this in one game type. He did it at multiple casinos playing NBJ First base some of the time, NBJ Third base some of the time and NBJ Head to Head the rest of the time. His four sit downs also included 5 deck, 6 deck and 8 deck Blackjack. His training is extremely well rounded.

Again, I'd like to point out that NBJ and only NBJ teaches you how to play this effectively. Certainly no card counter can match this performance or even come close. Sure, there were some big cardcounter players and teams long ago. I know, I played with most of those guys. I know first hand what they could do back then. I also know what they can't do and they can't do THIS. They aren't even in the same league. Besides, we are talking about winning money NOW. Current conditions! How some guys did it 20 years ago makes for good stories but that's got nothing to do with making money NOW. That's what NBJ is about, making money NOW!

As we discussed in the Forum, NBJ BJ conditions are better today than they have been in many years. You just have to know how. That's the only difference between you and Carlos. He knows how. Other than that, he's just an average guy with an average IQ and average math skills. But he has an above average desire to learn how to win and above average dedication to practice and hone his skills. What about you? You can get everything you need right here at beatthecasino.com/ just like Carlos did. And you can get all the help you need right here just like Carlos did. Ask him. Then do it. You owe it to yourself.

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It would be interesting to hear from Carlos himself on his wins. It seems that table selection is extreamly important in his style of play.

I have a friend who lives and plays in Las Vegas. I believe that table departure is his best trick. He plays four or five days a week. He always chooses new cards (fresh decks), never plays a stale deck. Says he only lost three sessions since the middle of December. His style of play does not draw any heat. He plays the card patterns and leaves the table when his intuition tells him to do so.

What I find interesting is the fact that he has moved to one and two decks. He even wins at 6 to 5 single deck. After years of six and eight decks, he says it is an easy game and his experience overcomes the 6 to 5 disadvantage. What do you think?

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Hi Russ, Ellis here.

Yes, Carlos' table selection is a major factor in his strong wins, While we all pride ouselves in play ability it is best to find a game we can beat easily where we really don't need that ability. But yes, perhaps we can get Carlos to respond himself and give us his blow by blow selection and game story.

As for your friend, I find his story highly credible. First I have written and said a zillion times that new cards are probably the best cards you are likely to see all day. There are no dealer biases yet and boxed card clumping is highly readable and predictable.

At Tunica, I too have gone to single and two deck. I'm not sure what you meant by "6 to 5 BJ"??? At Tunica, they bring new cards out in 1 and 2 deck bj so frequently that you always have readable clumping and dealer biases never get a chance to develop. I prefer single deck when available. They know me there and when I play they bring out new cards even more often. I find this comical since it is the new cards that make it so easy for me. I complain about the frequent new cards which insures that they will keep doing it. I play first base with a low and high bet usually $100 - $200 and bet hi only when I strongly suspect a first card ten. I seldom lose the hi bet but when I do, I bet $300 on the next high bet opportunity. I don't recall ever losing that $300 bet.

Aside from the abscence of dealer biases, the beauty of 1 and 2 deck is that there simply are not enough cards to have long runs of lows so you always get your fair share of wins. On the other hand I found the 6 deck game at Tunica to be extremely dealer biased. You get dealt a 20 against a 4 and you're still nervous because it loses so often. In single deck, a 20 against a 4 is money in the bank. I think your friend has method in his madness.

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Guest CarlosM

Yes!!!!! Table selection is the MOST important thing I do ALL day in the casino. Yes, I can beat easy games, tough games. I ONLY play a tough game if there is nothing else better or better yet, if there are worse tables at that moment and mine is the least worst. First, I ALWAYS look for the BEST and EASIEST game to BEAT!!!! First base or third base games,1, 2, 4, 5, 6 or 8 decks, hand shuffled or machine, loose intertwine, tight shuffle, stripping or not, etc.... Doesn't matter to me! All the matters is I chose the best and easiest game to play that day or the least worst of all bad and tough games that day. I don't care if blackjack pays 2 to 1, 3 to 2, or even 6 to 5. My advantage in a game doesn't come from how well I get paid if I get a blackjack. That WILL NOT make or break my game. Some games I never even get a blackjack! Do I win less money in that game, hell no! Split and double down rule variations do not matter to me either. I rarely double or split anyways. But, when I do split or double, I know I made the right choice. whether the dealer hits soft 17 or not makes no difference to me. The one thing I do not like are games or casinos take your money on ALL pushes. I am not the smartest person in the world, and never claim to be. I've been a lot of forums, card count forums, etc... A lot of people on there figure, I am not as smart as them because the have all their data and stats, and fancy vocabulary, blah, blah, blah. I know how to win. It is the greatest feeling in the world to know when you walk into any casino, that you are the greatest player walking in that casino. Super calculus math, algebra, pythageriam theory (huh????) blah, blah, blah, is not what makes me a SUCCESSFUL player. It's my fasination about the game, cause and affect, all that good stuff. I just love beating the crap out of this game, at home or in the casino. I actually have a strong love for this. It is my baby. I worked hard learning and practicing for years. I nurture it, protect it. I came this far in 6 or so years because, I wanted it badly, more than ANYONE!!! What I love is knowing you are the best player when playing in a casino and the dealer, pit boss, manager try all that they can to beat you. So, knowing that they know you are the greatest player in their casino, is an over whelming feeling! That's why you rarely see me on forums. I'm bussy playing or practicing rather than spending all day or every day on a computer arguing who's blackjack math is right. While all these people are wasting their days and life doing that, I'm out putting their arguments to bed will killing the casino and making some nice money. Well, I think this is the most time I spent typing on a computer about blackjack. I even love talking about it. Also, helping people feels so good! It's time for me to go and do what I love most, play my NBJ. Yes! I love it even more than pussy cat! I love that too! lol.

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First, "I haven't heard from Ronny Fitch in a few months. Is he ok?"

He moved up to the Bay Area. I have not heard much either. His new phone number is on his website.

Next, "Me da Man? lol O.k. What other interesting thoughts do you have on my post above?"

The most I ever won was $11,500 so you can just imagine how impressed I am with your good fortune. In order to win that kind of money you have to have the "balls" to put a great deal of money in the betting circle. That is what it takes. I have a friend that I have been posting about who wins fairly consistantly but he only bets red and green. He feels that when he plays black he will be noticed more and his welcome will wear out. There are cameras everywhere.

Please describe your table entry and table departure criteria. How much of it do you think is intuition?


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Russ said: Please describe your table entry and table departure criteria. How much of it do you think is intuition?

Hold on guys, Ellis here: Let's not be divulging NBJ secrets here on a public forum. After all, Keith has gone to great lengths to make the entire NBJ package available at half price right here and I have agreed to coach these students just as I did Carlos. If you can't find Keith's offer, Email him direct and he will guide you to it.

Russ' question above is so important that I have devoted an entire NBJ manual to it called In Search of the Winning Game. If Keith doesn't have it available yet, I do. Either way the price is $95. No serious player should be without it. Right Carlos? In Search Of is the final word in table selection. First, we know WHEN to go to the casino. Ten minutes after we arrive we know the best table to play in that casino. This makes life a whole lot easier. We also know whether its a first or third base game. We know how clumped or how random the game is. And we know exactly when to leave that game. As Russ says table departure is a good skill to have in your bag.

I have to laugh at the cardcounters who keep arguing with us whether the cards are clumped or random. The fact is that an NBJ player at third base in a random game is in a can't lose situation. We will kill that game every time while the card counter never gets sufficient plus count to bet. It's our favorite situation.

I also have to laugh at Russ' comment above that the card counters, what Russ calls the 5 percenters, claim they can't beat a 6 to 5 BJ payout game. I totally agree with Carlos. Geez, if you have to depend on BJ's to win you need to give the game up. Take up Big Wheel or something. Can you imagine the poor bastard coming home and saying, "Well I would have won Honey except I didn't get any Blackjacks." That would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. We have plenty of big wins where we never saw a BJ. Who cares! We use those little chips to tip the waitress and dealer anyway. We actually usually make more money on insurance bets than BJ's. No self respecting counter would ever get caught insurring but WE do it frequently and WE are right more than half the time. A 2 to 1 payout on 50 % accuracy is a pretty darn good deal. And in clumped games our accuracy goes up. I was once kicked out of the Claridge in AC for never making an incorrect insurance bet in 5 straight hours of play. Every single time I insurred she had the ten, Every time I didn't, she didn't. That really ****es them off. That was 10% luck but it was 90% skill. If you're going to play this game you need to know when to insure and when not to. The count can't help you. But NBJ can. Winning on insurance is a given with NBJ. If you can't do it you need to join that other feller at the Big Wheel. Better yet, if you can't do it you really need our help. If you depend on BJ's you really need our help. If your hands won rate is below 50%, you need our help. BTW, basic strategy produces a 38% hands won rate. Good luck.

E Clifton Davis, author of NBJ (New Blackjack) WCB (World Cl*** Blackjack)

and In Search of the Winning Game.

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NIce game Carlos. The ac game is getting better. Going down next thursday night if you are in the Area. What Casino are you playing at maybe I can get up


You can tell the winners and honest players by how many times they admit they lost 
not by how many times they say they won.

Need Information Messenger



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Guest CarlosM

Yeah!!!! That's a real snappy tune! I like it. Thanks Mr MRipp! We really have to meet up one day and play some games, let loose and have fun! Anyone else wanna watch me destroy the casino? Ellis! You are always forever in my heart. Thank you so much for beleiving in me and giving me 100% of everything you got.

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