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This morning I headed on down to Tampa Seminole Hard Rock. I've only beaten it once with a 3rd base positive progression bet (before getting materials here), but then I gave it back like a regular sucker.

I arrive a little after 10, card prep is at 7 so the cards should be somewhat clumped. There are a few empty tables with dealers getting ready for late morning early afternoon crowd, the rest are closed.

I find a $25 8 deck table with 3 players. First base seat is open, current first base player is getting lots of first card 10s with comfortable predictability and dealer is breaking. Huzzah!!! I sit down saying I'll join next shoe. After the shoe is over, 2 of the players leave, but then they come back after visiting Mr. ATM while the dealer is shuffling making player number 4. The shuffle is exactly the same as the demonstration video.

I see lows running after the hand is over so I put up 1 unit. Boom, first card 10 and I win. I see 10s running at the end of the roun, let it ride and get a first card 3. I lose. Every time 10s were running and I put up my big bet, I get ***** slapped with a low card and every time lows were running and I put up a small bet I get a first card 10 and win.

Table not doing good so I go find another. 2 players, dealer breaking, 3rd base open so I sit. $25 8 deck hand shuffle table. I get 2 20s in a row and win. Great. But then same problem with last table. Lows finish their run right as they get to me and I end up busting. I stop playing for the day and spend a couple hours table watching. I notice that between noon and 13:00 is when there are much more tables with 2 and 3 players. I don't have the confidence yet to go head to head, I haven't practiced that way.

So what happened? The pros here can correct me and fill anything I'm missing. By playing I increased the number of players more than the optimum level for that particular game. I made good tables go bad. It might seem like I'm bad luck, but the cards weren't clumped enough to support another player.

What I have learned: There were plenty of $15 tables open (6 deck, continuous shuffle), I also saw a $25 6 deck hand shuffle section and 2 deck section, go for those. It's too bad I only noticed those after I quit playing. Next time I will get an early lunch and head there early afternoon since there appears to be more opportunity at that time.

Any advice from the pros here? I have NBJ and WCB.

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That is a very frustrating condition you experienced at first base. Remember, the tactic is a tool. When it is working it is great, but in your case you clearly were experiencing clumped card flow reversals. Here's some advice ... When that back fires after about (3) attempts max, simply suspend the tactic. There is one exception though ... If you are lucky and actually winning the rounds stay with it while it's going your way. Many times the first card ten eventually starts to come out. Remember, we are still gambling and a good game is a good game and bad game is a bad game. Hope that helps.


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Another thing. I also learned playing table games doesn't get any comp dollars. So, do I have a player's card you ask? Nope, I'm just a tourist.

Well, they know who you are anyway so it never hurts to have a player's card. You can't get comped for anything W/O a player's card. That's why you didn't get comped - Not because you were playing table games. Slot machines comp the best because your odds are the worst.

Re your table below. You need the right window of clumping to play NBJ First Base successfully. It is a very big window but not all inclusive. Your table did not have sufficient clumping. So you committed the cardinal sin - you stayed at a losing table. That is something you never ever do regardless of how crowded the casino is. Better not to play than play a losing table. You should have been out of there after only 3 or 4 hands. Red tables clump up before green tables. It was too early to play a green table. It was likely a better third base situation than first base. But NBJ rule #1 is NEVER play a losing table. Now you know the reason for that rule. Put the blame where it belongs.

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