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Hello everyone while yesterday i had a weird feeling before i played today i was confident and ready. I decided to play Parx right 11ish this seems to be the best time for me to play...after looking at my shoe and not having a good feeling i wont do that again..i'll be playing mon-wed in the morning why mess with whats working i'll continue with the +5 (+6 when its commission based) heres todays successful shoe...2 out of 3 winning shoes this week for a +655 win not bad only $997,800 to go heres my shoe


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When the table is full and lot of people over your shoulder is hard to get in sinc withe the game. Last Sunday on my practice I had to deal with one guy trying to steal my bet on bank moving it to player. and a dealer who was not paying my bet correctly.

Later at night when the tables were less crowded, I had time to think, and I made a come back in 2 consecutive shoes in the same table.

Lesson learned, I will only play from mondays to thursdays.

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