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Questions about NOR

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I am considering purchasing NOR. The frustrating thing is, I use to have a copy of the manual but lost it when my computer died a few months ago (Hard Drive). To be honest, I never really played NOR and just glanced over it. But after playing on and off the last year, I wish I had studied it and worked it into my game.


Can Ellis, Keith or someone else tell me what is the difference between NOR, NOR +, and 4D NOR?

I read somewhere on these forums that 4d NOR is still under development. Is this correct?

Is 4d NOR that spreadsheet/program Ellis has showing in his 47 min long video?

Also, why does NOR suggest a 1,2,3 negative progression. Wouldn't a 1,2, 4 negative progression work better since you win the third bet 50% of the time, yet with a 4 bet you make a profit, while a 3 bet you are probably down a bit if betting on banker due to commission or even with player.

Thanks for any help and assistance.


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Just curious as to what that statement actually means, since you show up as a Junior member and not a NOR player

It means I use to have a copy of NOR, but never used it... and now that I want to use it, I don't have it.

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Good questions. Here is my stab at answering them for you:

1) NOR is the base system and they one all/most members utilize in some fashion

2) NOR + is a few tweaks on the base system for those a bit more experienced who also prefer a bit more aggressive approach and betting progression to maximize profits on a good shoe

3) 4D is developed, but being re-tooled a bit and also simplified a bit before mass adoption of this system. Everything looks good so far, but it is being fine tuned. This is a graduated system that eliminates the need for table selection, but is only something most players can digest after they have a solid understanding of NOR


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