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Nor Boot Camp -- Back to Basics....

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Steve here---

NOR has progressed quite a bit. Many of us are using these new modifications to adapt to various playing conditions. But still, it is the basic concepts and practices of NOR that give you the foundation for success. They serve as the foundation for the newer variations that have sprung up.

With that, the idea of a "Back to Basics" seminar arose.

This seminar is designed to give you full understanding of the fundamental ideas of NOR. We know that the understanding of the basics and the ability to apply them to your game is the key to success. Such things as how to utilize the OR count correctly, reading the table, triggers for modes, SAP and the various betting options... all the basic things that tend to slip by us in the heat of the game.

The NOR Boot Camps have always been well received and helpful !

Hope to see you there!


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Hi Steve and Ellis. I hope you are both well. I have finished studying my NOR manual. I want to be assured by you that I have a clear understanding of the 3 basic NOR betting strategies. I have attached a NOR flow chart which reflects MY understanding of the 3 basic systems. Please read it and add you comments. Below are the 3 systems as I understand them thus far:

1) SD40M3- to be used on an increasing OR count.

2) OTB4LM3- to be used on a neutral OR count (hovering over 2 or 3 numbers).

3) SD40M1- to be used on a decreasing OR count.

Leave the casino after winning or loosing +5 units.NOR Flow Chart.PDF

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Hi-- yes it will be taped --- but we are exploring other seminars and some online things. Having the interaction is always best. Is it just this particular weekend that is bad?


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Hi Steve or Ellis,

I am a new NOR player that joined about 2 weeks ago and see that the 3 systems work extremely well. I have noticed that when playing there are some games that I get up to 9 units, but cannot reach the 10 unit target suggested in the manual. Is there a way to ensure that I do not continue to play until a lose? Or is there a better target to go for that other NOR players are getting to when employing the correct system?

Please advise.


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Hi guys,

NOR works but not all the time. The shoe changes all the time , if one adopt the right method then he will win .

One have to remember , in order to win, one must set a take win and cut loss point. Without setting this target then you will get loss.

For example if you are playing S40 -O and you loss 5 units with flat bet, it tells you what ?

Very obvious it is telling you that you are using the wrong method.

I also see a lot of people changes from O to N and then to F bla bla bla........... then ended up losing more....... Please!!!!

Remember this!! If your system fails it means its failed never try to shift to other things....... stand up and walk away ......

People in this forum still posting result of shoes and ask what method to be used ..... damn .... !!!

If I already knew the result i will tell you what to use correctly with majority wins..... right ? so........ get the big picture.

All the methods here in this forum works and it is not always all the time.

Cut loss when you lose and take win when you win ....... Be clever....... again dont ask what system to use with a played shoes.

Good Luck and Happy winning.



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