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How much do people actually earn

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I am a fulltime chemist and part time bac player.. I try to go 2-3 times a week for one hour session per trip. I earn anywhere from 1000 to 3000 a month playing bac.. not had a losing month for awhile.. I think all casinos have their own characteristics and you need to modify based on it to win consistently. Also you need to understand that you can't win every single trip.. hope this helps!!

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Where do you play. ? How many hands per shoe.

Do you imagine a trend or follow existing ones.

I have not been able to manage losing days well.

I have discipline on half the occasions

I have been listening to hypnosis YouTube for self discipline.

A few weeks. It worked for a week. Then it didn't and I stopped

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I'm getting really discouraged

I want to know honestly how many units

Or dollar amounts people actually win and using which method

Or does anyone here hit 6 figures or treat play as a hobby


Well, first off, how long have you been playing whatever method you've been playing?

We'll see if anyone wishes to post up their "numbers" for the year, but I doubt you'll see many people jumping in on a thread like this.

Not everyone wishes to have it known that they are in substantial profits or losses.

Many of us WILL post up nice wins, a good streak and all of that.

Specifically asking "How much are you making" is not really a good question.

In my case, it's a hobby. I do play mostly online and making the "+5" goal is very attainable in each session but I play a very conservative game, which does limit my real upside. Others are much more aggressive than I am for sure. Lots of those "little" +5 wins add up at the end of the month in the spreadsheet.

Keeping accurate records of your play is important as is review of pretty much every shoe played to see where things came into focus or where things went awry, which is where the time spent on practice really comes in.

So, have you worn out your first set of cards yet in practice?


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I'm getting really discouraged

I want to know honestly how many units

Or dollar amounts people actually win and using which method

Or does anyone here hit 6 figures or treat play as a hobby

Most are hobbiest. Some are full time. But there is no point in tracking and comparing your progress until 1.) you have learned to play correctly 2.) including the discipline to maintain the stop losses we recommend.

Judging by your remarks you are not yet up to par in either category.

Joining BTC does not automatically make you a winner.

I tell everyone who joins: Stop playing until we teach you how to play and until you have put in the practice until you are winning at home.

Look, you have yet to even ask a single question or post a game. NOBODY can help you if you are silent.

I had a new MDB player who joined just weeks ago. DeanJ was playing every day and losing most every shoe. Yet when I played the same shoes they were easy to beat. He just needed to be shown how to play. Today he is winning most every shoe and he is quitting losing shoes at -5 or less. He went from being an overall loser to being an overall winner in just 2 weeks. And he still doesn't know all 3 MDB systems completely. Just one. Next we will get his win rate from 80% to more than 90%.

How did he do this in such a short time? By asking questions. By posting shoes.

Where are your questions? Are you saying you learn everything perfectly W/O asking any questions? That would be a FIRST.

But even if you knew everything, no system can save you if you play W/O discipline.

MDB is easier to learn than NOR. And it is purly mechanical. Your SAP count tells you which system to play and exactly when to switch. You bet considerably less money than NOR. Each system is also purely mechanical. Stop losses are also purely mechanical. YOU make no judgements at all. You are purely a spectator playing the system that SAP tells you to play and playing it purely mechanically. We show you when to quit at +5 and when to go for more.

Once you are playing MDB correctly your only goal is to average +5. Once you can do that there is nothing stopping you from making a million dollars. +5, That's it. And your highest bet is usually only 2 and never more than 3.

I posted another shoe just yesterday. I started at play 2 with MDB's base system BaS40. I switched to BaOTB4L at play 9 because that is what SAP told me to do. I hit +10 at play 42 W/O my score ever being negative. My highest bet was 2 and my player advantage was above 20%. Every play was purely mechanical.

Given your admitted discipline problem I think you would be much better off learning MDB. When everything you to is purely mechanical, your discipline problem does not get a chance to take root.

But if you decide to do that, I want to see your questions. And I don't want you playing in a casino until you know what you are doing. With MDB, EVERY shoe has ONE correct way of playing it. Learn that first! THEN play.

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Actually there are millions of outcome in a baccarat shoe, BTC here provide you with a way to play them but not necessary guarantee you a sure win method. It still depend on how you manage you money and how you select your bet.

Don't ever indulge in all the methods, my advise is master a method only. Practice regularly on it.

I used only 1 method, and per shoe I win at least 3-18 units if my table selection is right. I will lose 2 units if my table selection is wrong.

Bear in mind, be steady and never rush into a shoe when you thought you saw a nice one.

Happy Playing.

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